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Students enrolled in the Industrial Maintenance Technician training program learn the fundamentals to get prepared to enter the industry.

Industrial Maintenance Technician School

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What types of jobs can an IMT work?

Nov 15, 2022, 19:00 PM
One of the titles graduates of this program can obtain is industrial maintenance technician, but grads could also become boiler technicians and plant technicians — all of which can be gateways toward becoming a power plant operator.2 It’s important to make it clear to prospects that this program prepares graduates for entry-level roles, but as with any career there may be advancement opportunities that require additional skills and experience.
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After just 30-39 weeks in our Industrial Maintenance Technician program, you could be prepared to pursue a career in the field. Come enjoy training that’s hands-on, developed with industry experts, and has experienced instructors ready to support you and provide insight. Apply today!