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Is Being a CNC Machinist a Good Career?

Considering a career as a CNC machinist? Discover how technical training can help you pursue technician work and how one UTI graduate found success.

What To Look for in a Robotics & Automation Education?

Not sure where to get technical training in robotics and automation? Click here to read our guide on selecting a robotics education program, like ours at UTI!

5 Skills You Can Learn in Robotics & Automation Training School

A robotics training school can help you learn industry-standard technician skills. Read more to find out the robotics skills you can learn at UTI and MIAT!

Is Being an Auto Body Technician a Good Career?

Wondering what a career as an auto body technician is like? Discover what collision repair is all about and how UTI can help you pursue work in the field!

How to Prepare for Welding School: 7 Steps

After enrolling in welding school, it's important that you're prepared for training. Click to learn how you can get ready for your first class at UTI!

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Welding School

Starting your welding journey can be intimidating. Learn more about the steps to take when selecting the best welding school and what training is like at UTI!

Is a Career as a Wind Turbine Technician a Good Choice?

Want to know what it's like to work as a wind turbine technician? Read on to learn more about this career and how to get the right training at UTI.

Is a Career in Robotics and Automation a Good Choice?

Thinking about pursuing a career in robotics and automation? Learn about the benefits of a career in this industry and how to prepare with training from UTI.

What is Wind Technology?

Discover what wind technology is and the power it has! Explore its benefits, advancements, and role in sustainable energy solutions here.

How is a Wind Turbine Installed and Who Installs Them?

Wind turbines are known for their ability to generate renewable energy, but how are wind turbines installed and who installs them? Learn everything here.

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