09 Apr, 2019

10 Marketing Strategies for Your Auto Repair Shop

Own an auto repair shop? Here are 10 ways to market your business. Learn about email marketing, content, social media and more.
03 Apr, 2019

Bogi Lateiner Blazes a Trail for Technicians Across the Country

Meet Bogi Lateiner, host of All Girls Garage, owner of 180 Degrees Automotive in Phoenix and graduate from Universal Technical Institute.
02 Apr, 2019

YouTube's Humble Mechanic (Charles Sanville) Shares Business Tips

The Humble Mechanic, is a YouTube influencer and entrepreneur. He's also known as Charles Sanville, a graduate of Universal Technical Institute.
29 Mar, 2019

How a Life-Altering Event Changed One MMI Grad's Career

Lance Smeal is a graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. He's also an entrepreneur and the owner of L-N-C Cycle Repair in Cottonwood, Arizona. This is his story.
28 Mar, 2019

Why Wide Open Mobile Tech's Elliott Deane Is a Rising Star

Elliott Deane is a dynamic leader, an entrepreneur, and a Motorcycle Mechanics Institute graduate. This is his advice for aspiring business owners.
25 Mar, 2019

English as a Second Language, Motorcycles as a First Love

Keino Sasaki owns Keino Cycles custom motorcycles in New York. He's also a graduate of Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. Read about his journey.
22 Mar, 2019

John Maxwell Graduated from MMI and Then Became a YouTube Star

John Maxwell graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida, but he's better known as, "The Harley Tech" on YouTube. This is his story.
13 Mar, 2019

Meet Formula Drift Racer and UTI Grad Chris Johnson

Meet Chris Johnson, a Universal Technical Institute graduate and Formula Drift driver. Chris shares how he broke into the industry.
18 Jan, 2019

What's It Like to Be a Career Changer Student at UTI

Are you considering Universal Technical Institute? Learn about the support students get and why you might want to attend.
18 Dec, 2018

4 Important Life Lessons For Technicians

Sean Callahan is an Automotive Instructor at UTI Norwood (Massachusetts). We asked him what advice he would give to his younger self. Yes, he talks about hard work and dedication but the story is deeper.
17 Dec, 2018

5 Critical Things This NASCAR Tech Instructor Learned By Going For It

What kind of advice would a NASCAR Technical Institute instructor give to himself back when he was in high school? Find out here.
13 Dec, 2018

7 Things This Instructor Wishes He Knew When He Was in School

Sean Gagnon has made some mistakes along the way. We all have. Now that he's an instructor at UTI Lisle, he has some advice for his younger self. And for the next generation of techs.
12 Dec, 2018

7 Reasons Graduates Love Universal Technical Institute

Why do graduates love their experience at Universal Technical Institute? Here are seven reasons...
10 Dec, 2018

High-Tech Jobs: What It Takes To Be An Automotive Technician

Today’s cars are more complex than the computers that guided the first Apollo! That means what it takes to qualify as an automotive technician is changing.
06 Dec, 2018

UTI Grad, Diesel Technician, Bar Owner: What's Next for Junior Alvarez?

Junior Alvarez graduated from UTI Avondale's Diesel Technology Program. He works as a Caterpillar field service tech by day. And he's an entrepreneur by night.
05 Dec, 2018

High Pressure, High Stakes, High Rewards for UTI Avondale Diesel Program Graduate

Rogelio Ruiz is a 21-year-old diesel technician working at New Mexico oil fields and farms. He's a UTI Avondale graduate and he loves his job. This is his story.
03 Dec, 2018

7 Ways Industry Demand Benefits Technicians

Want to pursue a career that's in demand? Becoming a technician in the automotive field might be right for you. The need for qualified technicians has continued to grow, but don't take our word for it.
27 Nov, 2018

9 Reasons Instructors Do What They Do

Our instructors are experts who have decades of combined experience in the field, a burning passion for what they teach, and best of all, they want to share their knowledge with the next generation.
19 Nov, 2018

UTI Graduate is First Female Technician at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago

Veronica Anderson is the first female automotive technician at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago. And she's only 19! Now you can read her inspiring story.
12 Nov, 2018

Ignite Program: High School Juniors Can Learn—at No Charge

Is it true that high school students can earn credits toward a UTI degree or diploma through our Ignite program?
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