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18 Jan, 2019

What's It Like to Be a Career Changer Student at UTI

Are you considering Universal Technical Institute? Learn about the support students get and why you might want to attend.
27 Nov, 2018

9 Reasons Instructors Do What They Do

Our instructors are experts who have decades of combined experience in the field, a burning passion for what they teach, and best of all, they want to share their knowledge with the next generation.
12 Nov, 2018

Ignite Program: High School Juniors Can Learn—at No Charge

Is it true that high school students can earn credits toward a UTI degree or diploma through our Ignite program?
12 Oct, 2018

Can You Succeed at UTI With No Prior Mechanic Work Experience?

What if we told you that experience working on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats prior to starting classes at UTI does not determine your success as a student?
17 Jul, 2018

Am I a Kinesthetic (Hands-On) Learner?

Do you crack your knuckles? Do your feet or hands tap a constant rhythm ? Do you think most clearly when you’re exercising? If so, there’s a good chance you’re a kinesthetic learner.
08 Jul, 2018

Documentary Examines Automotive & Diesel Technicians

Three teenagers go on a road trip to interview some of the country's leading automotive and diesel technicians. This is their story.
27 Jun, 2018

Universal Technical Institute Opens Campus in Bloomfield, NJ

Discover Universal Technical Institute's new Bloomfield campus in Bloomfield, NJ. Classes begin this fall 2018.
26 Jun, 2018

Spend Summer Learning Valuable STEM and Career Skills - For Free

High school juniors and seniors can get a jump-start on their careers this summer by enrolling in the ignite program offered at UTI campuses across the country.
18 May, 2018

Meet the Two MMIs

There are two MMIs. One is the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. The other is the Marine Mechanics Institute. This article breaks down the difference between the two.
08 May, 2018

The Difference Between College, Trade School & Universal Technical Institute

Every year, millions of high school students and workers face the dilemma or whether they should pursue an education at a traditional 4-year college/university or trade school.
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