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11 Jun, 2019

UTI Students Get an Inside Look at the Future of Volvo

Students in the UTI Volvo program were recently introduced to Volvo’s all-new model, the S60. Here's what they saw...
10 Dec, 2018

High-Tech Jobs: What It Takes To Be An Automotive Technician

Today’s cars are more complex than the computers that guided the first Apollo! That means what it takes to qualify as an automotive technician is changing.
19 Nov, 2018

UTI Graduate is First Female Technician at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago

Veronica Anderson is the first female automotive technician at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago. And she's only 19! Now you can read her inspiring story.
08 Nov, 2018

BMW and UTI Offer MSTEP Program for Transitioning Military Members

Here's the first training program of its kind offered by a premium automotive manufacturer for military service members directly on a U.S. military base.
01 Oct, 2018

An Irrational Lifestyle That Makes Perfect Sense

What is car culture? Some think it's an unspoken society. And it doesn't matter if you love four wheels, two wheels, monster wheels or anything in between. Sound familiar? Then this is for you.
13 Jul, 2018

Transitioning From Military Mechanic to Civilian Automotive Tech

Making the jump from military to civilian life? Here are some resources that could help you pursue a career as an automotive tech after the military.
28 Jun, 2018

Partnerships: UTI, Ford, Shell Pennzoil and Neil Tjin Edition

Learn how Neil Tjin went from a high school student tinkering with cars, to winning Best in Show at SEMA.
22 Jun, 2018

The Difference Between a Mechanic and An Automotive Technician

Is there a difference between a mechanic and an automotive technician? We try to settle the debate.
22 May, 2018

He's an ASE Certified Technician at 23

Luke Franta is 23 years old and an ASE certified technician. Curious about what it takes to become ASE certified? We can help.
15 May, 2018

The Mechanic's Path to ASE Certification

You can work as a mechanic without ASE certification, but having it distinguishes you from other technicians. It also helps improve employability.
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