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Aviation Mechanic School & Training

Learn the skills needed to become an Airframe & Powerplant technician.1

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Aviation Mechanic School & Training

Learn the skills needed to become an Airframe & Powerplant technician.1

Aviation Mechanic Training Overview

Our Airframe & Powerplant Technician program is designed to prepare students for entry-level opportunities in various areas of the aviation industry.1 Through hands-on and classroom learning, they explore topics such as aircraft troubleshooting, hydraulics and pneumatics, powerplant lubrication systems and turbine engine operation.3 As graduates, they’re eligible to apply and test for Airframe and Powerplant FAA certification.79,80

18-20 months From start to finish

*Dependent on location

5 campuses Locations to train

Reasons to Choose Our Airframe & Powerplant Training

  1. Train and graduate in just 18-20 months, depending on location
  2. Get valuable hands-on experience in the lab
  3. Learn from passionate, experienced instructors
  4. Gain skills valued by employers1

Different Career Paths as an Aviation Technician

A trained airframe and powerplant technician can apply skills in many different roles. Most of our grads start out working as entry-level technicians or in other entry-level roles. As with any industry, over time, you may be able to advance in your career with hard work. Some entry-level and advanced roles could include:77


  • Aviation Technician
  • Turbine Technician
  • Field Technician


  • Aircraft Restorer
  • Helicopter Mechanic
  • Avionics Technician
  • Aircraft Mechanical Installer
  • Aircraft Electrical Installer
  • Aircraft Structural/Sheetmetal Mechanic

Airframe & Powerplant Courses

Your training will take you through a variety of courses, including:

  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Basic Sheetmetal and Welding Familiarization
  • Assembly and Rigging, Airframe Fire Protection
  • Airframe Electrical
  • Navigation and Communication Systems
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Reciprocating Engine Operation
  • Propellers
  • Powerplant Lubrication Systems
  • Turbine Engine Designs
  • Non-Metallic Structures
  • Paints and Finishes

Invest in Your Future

The aviation industry needs technicians who have both the skills and passion needed to maintain aircraft. Our Airframe & Powerplant program gives students the training employers are looking for.

19,000+ Airports in the United States
139,000+ Projected total aviation technician employment in the U.S. by 203171
200,000+ General aviation fleet in the United States

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I start a career in aviation?

    Completing a formal training program like the one we offer is a great first step toward starting a career as a aviation technician. Our program will build your knowledge from the ground up–so even if you’ve never worked on a plane, you’ll gain the skills necessary to pursue a career as an aviation technician. Some technicians start their career path with on-the-job training, however this may take longer to work your way into a technician role.

  • What schooling do you need to become a aviation mechanic?

    Nowadays, many employers prefer to hire aviation mechanics who have completed some sort of formal training program. Our program takes just 18 months to complete, which means you can go out into the field and start working quickly. The curriculum is made up of a variety of hands-on courses that equip you with the skills you need to pursue a career.

  • Is aviation a good industry?

    Many people who work in the A&P field would agree that it’s a great industry to be in. If you love flying and travel and are looking for a career path that’s hands-on, this may be the perfect fit for you. This industry brings new challenges and innovations every day–it’s not your typical office job!

Start Your Aviation Mechanic Training

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