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10 Jun, 2019

Peterbilt Technician Institute Comes to Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Want to become a diesel mechanic? Learn about the Peterbilt Technician Institute training program available at four UTI campuses, including Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
06 Dec, 2018

UTI Grad, Diesel Technician, Bar Owner: What's Next for Junior Alvarez?

Junior Alvarez graduated from UTI Avondale's Diesel Technology Program. He works as a Caterpillar field service tech by day. And he's an entrepreneur by night.
05 Dec, 2018

High Pressure, High Stakes, High Rewards for UTI Avondale Diesel Program Graduate

Rogelio Ruiz is a 21-year-old diesel technician working at New Mexico oil fields and farms. He's a UTI Avondale graduate and he loves his job. This is his story.
24 Jul, 2018

After 35+ Years in the Industry, Diesel Pro Turns to Teaching

After 35+ years of being in the Diesel Industry, Greg Osbourne is now an instructor at the UTI Bloomfield campus and is excited to share his experiences and show his knowledge in the Diesel Technician program.
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