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Diesel Mechanic School Near Miami, FL

Are you an analytical thinker and hands-on learner passionate about helping others? If so, diesel mechanic school may be a good fit for you.

Diesel mechanics play a vital role in our society and serve some of the most important industries in the world, including transportation, agriculture and power generation. A mechanics' primary responsibility is maintaining and repairing diesel-powered vehicles and machines.

This challenging career calls for skills that are in demand across the nation, including South Florida. If you live near Miami and are up to the challenge, keep reading.

Diesel Mechanic Training

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), diesel mechanics can learn on the job, but most employers prefer candidates with a formal education in diesel mechanics.

A well-rounded diesel mechanic training program, like the one offered at Universal Technical Institute (UTI), helps students to develop the hard and soft skills necessary to pursue careers in the field.7

This can include training in professionalism, as well as proper maintenance, diagnosis, reparation and overhaul of diesel-powered vehicles and machines. Diesel mechanic training programs typically prepare students to:

  • Inspect and test various vehicle parts, such as transmission, steering and brake systems.
  • Perform routine service, including oil changes and tire rotations.
  • Identify and replace faulty or failed parts.
  • Explain the diagnosis and recommended repair process to clients.

Diesel Mechanic Schools in Florida

There are various technical schools in Florida, so let’s discuss a few ways to ensure you’re choosing the right one.

The first is to make sure the institution offers career services or employment assistance. UTI’s Miramar campus offers resume development, interview training and access to a nationwide job database.

Another way to narrow down your “diesel mechanic school near me” search is to ensure your top picks are accredited by an agency recognized by the Department of Education. UTI’s programs are accredited through the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) whose mission is to ensure a quality education.

UTI Miramar provides an industry-aligned curriculum relevant to the current field of diesel mechanics.

UTI Miramar Diesel Mechanic Courses

Industry-leading brands helped UTI develop a curriculum that mirrors the field's current demands. As technology advances, mechanics are also required to advance their skills. UTI prides itself on preparing students to pursue a career in the everchanging field through the following courses:

  • Diesel Engines Service & Repair
  • Diesel Truck Manual Transmissions
  • Diesel Truck Brake Systems & Chassis
  • Diesel Truck Steering & Suspension Systems
  • Automotive Climate Control Systems & Repair
  • Diesel Hydraulic Systems
  • Vehicle Electronic Systems & Technology
  • Diesel Truck Transport Refrigeration
  • Diesel Truck Preventative Maintenance

Diesel Mechanic Career Outlook Near Miami, FL

According to the BLS, there were 11,680 bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists employed in Florida in May 2021.48 This makes Florida among the top five states with the highest employment level of diesel mechanics in the United States. Let’s look at the types of jobs and industries in which diesel mechanics can be employed.

Diesel Mechanic Jobs in Miami, FL

Diesel mechanics can work in various industries depending on their preferences and unique experience. A few common industries include:

  • Trucking and transportation
  • State and local governments
  • Diesel repair and maintenance
  • Power generation
  • Agriculture

UTI graduates can pursue the following entry-level roles:

  • Diesel technicians work in repair and maintenance shops servicing, diagnosing and repairing buses, trucks and other vehicles with diesel engines.
  • Heavy equipment repair technicians service diesel-powered vehicles and machines used in the construction, railway and agriculture industries. They often address drivetrains, transmissions, air brakes, lighting systems and more.
  • Power generation techs service and repair diesel-fueled power generation systems. They typically work on internal combustion engines, generators and gaseous engines.
  • Agriculture technicians maintain, diagnose and repair diesel-powered farming equipment, including tractors, tillers, drills and planters.

Most of our grads start out working as entry-level technicians or in other entry-level roles. As with any industry, over time, you may be able to advance in your career with hard work. Here are a few advanced roles in this industry:77

  • Master technicians often obtain an ASE Master Certification to prove their expertise. They’re responsible for diagnosing diesel-powered vehicles and determining the best course of action for repair.
  • Fleet managers oversee a fleet of diesel vehicles and a team of diesel mechanics, ensuring proper usage, maintenance, and repair.
  • Shop foremen supervise maintenance and repair shop operations, directing diesel mechanics as necessary and ensuring standards are met.

Directions From Miami to UTI Miramar

The Miramar campus is approximately 25 miles north of Miami, with tolls. The fastest driving route with tolls is as follows:

  1. Take the I-95 North until Exit 12A.
  2. Merge onto Florida’s Turnpike toward Turnpike.
  3. Take Exit 4X toward Homestead onto the Ronald Regan Turnpike.
  4. Take Exit 43 toward Red Road/Northwest 57th Avenue.
  5. Turn right onto Northwest 111A/Red Road.
  6. Turn left onto Miramar Parkway.
  7. Turn right onto Southwest 145th Avenue.
  8. Turn right onto Progressive Way. The campus will be on your left.

Without tolls, the Miramar campus is approximately 30 miles North of Miami. If you’d like to avoid toll roads, take the following directions:

  1. Take the I-95 North until Exit 12A.
  2. Merge onto FL-826 West.
  3. Take Exit I-75 North toward Naples.
  4. Merge onto the FL-924 West, which will become the I-75 North.
  5. Take the I-75 North until Exit 7 toward FL-585/South 33rd Street/Miramar Parkway.
  6. Follow the signs leading to FL-858.
  7. Continue on FL-585/South 33rd Street/Miramar Parkway.
  8. Turn left toward Southwest 145th Avenue and then left onto Southwest 145th Avenue.
  9. Turn right onto Progressive Way. The campus will be on your left.

Other Programs at UTI Miramar

If you’re not sure the diesel mechanic path is a good fit but are interested in training for a skilled trade, check out other Miramar programs offered below.

Automotive Mechanic School

The Miramar automotive school takes just 51 weeks to complete.7 Throughout the program, students receive industry-aligned instruction and hands-on practice in labs that reflect automotive repair shops in the field. Miramar automotive courses include:

  • Automotive Engines Service and Repair
  • Advanced Technology/Hybrid and Service Advising
  • Automotive Powertrains & Transmissions
  • Vehicle Steering and Suspension Service and Repair
  • Vehicle Brake Systems
  • Vehicle Electronic Systems and Technology
  • Automotive Climate Control Systems and Repair
  • Power & Performance I and II
  • Emissions Legal Performance

Upon graduating from UTI, students are prepared to pursue entry-level roles as automotive technicians, service writers, smog inspectors or parts associates.77

Welding School

The Miramar welding school is a 36-week program developed with the help of Lincoln Electric, an industry-leading brand. The curriculum ensures students gain practice learning with the tools and machines found in the field. Welding courses include:

  • Introduction to Welding, Safety, and Careers
  • Principles of Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding I and II
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding I and II
  • Engineering and Fabrication
  • Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Pipe Welding
  • Welding Applications I and II

Throughout their training, students learn combination welding, equipping them with the skills they need to pursue a career. Graduates can pursue entry-level welding careers as fabrication welders, welder fitters and wirers.77


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