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Graduate Testimonials

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Mooresville Grad Travis Law Goes From Dirt Tracks to Indycar Arenas in Two Years

"NASCAR Tech prepares you really well from an integrity standpoint, a responsibility standpoint. You start to get comfortable with what the expectation is going to be later."


“Every day that I can remember was in involved with racecars,” said NASCAR Technical Institute graduate Travis Law during an interview at Penske Racing Facility.

Being raised by dirt track racers in Iowa, Law spent his formative years at the racetrack. When he wasn’t a spectator at races, he was in the shop learning about maintenance and repairs.

As a child of the dirt track culture, it seemed inevitable that Travis would find himself behind the wheel of his own racecar.

Racing on the very track that he grew up around was a defining moment for Law. The thrill of being an active participant filled him with a sense of purpose that could only be described as destiny.

That defining moment lead Travis on a two-year journey to the pinnacle of motorsports—the Indy 500.

In Fall 2005, Law enrolled in the NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, North Carolina. During the year-long program he learned about the mechanics and extensive technology inside of high performance vehicles.

NASCAR Tech's staff of motorsports veterans drilled into Law and his peers the realities of a career in the motorsports industry.

Working on a pit crew is associated with extremely high expectations and even higher pressure. When the difference between winning and losing is hundredths of a second, everyone involved in the race must be at peak performance.

“NASCAR Tech prepares you really well from an integrity standpoint, a responsibility standpoint. You start to get comfortable with what the expectation is going to be later,” Law said.

As Law met the expectations of his instructors by demonstrating leadership, responsibility and integrity, his destiny began to take shape.

During the year after his graduation, NASCAR Tech made him aware of an opportunity on Team Penske. It was a highly competitive position, but Law believed his training had prepared him for this moment. It was destiny.

In 2007, Team Penske entrusted Law with the position of crew chief for three-time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves. Law credits earning the position to the high level of organization, attention to detail and people management that was instilled in him at NASCAR Tech

“NASCAR Technical Institute sets you up with a basic foundation of what those expectations are going to be, and gives you building blocks so when you show up at a race team you can find those people that you can gravitate towards who are going to help you throughout your career. So it definitely gives you a level of comfort as soon as you walk in the door.”

It’s the crew chiefs job to exercise good judgement and make winning decisions. Law quickly learned that both vehicles and people need attention and care in order to win. In addition to working on the frontend of Castroneves’ car, he made sure his teammates were in race ready shape both mentally and physically.

Law learned about leadership from his instructors at NASCAR Tech and directly from his team founder, Roger Penske. Mirroring their success and avoiding their mistakes has guided Law throughout his career.

“The thing I’m most proud of working here is every weekend getting to go to the racetrack with Roger Penske who is a legend in motorsports. To be a part of that and to get to work with him is definitely the thing I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”


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