Picking the Right Path for Me: Drew Dailey’s Decision to Attend Trade School

Oftentimes when thinking about the steps needed for a career, a four-year school comes to mind. However, this is not the only way to receive career training. Drew Dailey, a Mitsubishi Materials USA project sports specialist and graduate from NASCAR Technical Institute, is a perfect example of someone who chose to pursue his passion for hands-on work rather than follow the traditional four-year degree path.

Drew, originally from Michigan, was initially enrolled in a four-year college when he stumbled upon the CNC tool industry online. He found NASCAR Tech, a trade school that offers a 36-week CNC Machining program, and decided to take the leap and move down south to Morrisville, North Carolina.1

Drew was drawn to the industry because it was hands-on and he wanted to learn a versatile skill set.

“It’s a cool industry to be in because you get to cut cool stuff. There’s so much to this industry that you can go all the way as far as cutting wheels for cars or making parts for an airplane or medical stuff,” Drew explained.6

Drew's family was very supportive of his decision to attend trade school as they saw his excitement for the CNC Machining program and now, his success in his career. Drew had a great experience at NASCAR Tech and recommends it to anyone interested in learning about CNC machines or preparing for a career in the skilled trades.1

“If you’re right out of high school and you don’t know about CNC machines or anything, I definitely would recommend going there."

Drew’s decision to complete a trade school program ultimately led him to a career at Mitsubishi Materials USA, where he works as a project sports specialist and helps with computer-aided manufacturing projects and test cuts.1 The role requires collaboration with a diverse team of engineers, which keeps Drew on his toes and always learning.

“It’s a pretty cool industry because there’s just so much you can do,” Drew said.

Drew’s experience emphasizes that trade school can be an excellent choice for those willing to pursue their passion and develop a specific skill set. NASCAR Tech provides hands-on experience and industry-aligned training that can prepare graduates for in-demand jobs across the country and even across the world.


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