From Zero Auto Experience to Lead Mercedes-Benz Tech Michael Steinkrauss

"I learned everything I know now from UTI and that got me to this point. I went from nothing to a year and a half later working at a Mercedes-Benz dealership."

Education is the fast lane on the road to success, and it’s what Michael Steinkrauss took to go from someone with zero automotive knowledge to lead technician for Mercedes-Benz in less than two years.

After graduating from high school in Burlington, Massachusetts, Michael wasn’t sure what to do next. He enrolled at a local university hoping to gain some direction, but soon realized that traditional education wasn’t preparing him for the career and life that he wanted.

When Michael discovered Universal Technical Institute, it was like finding a school tailor-made for him. Learning-by-doing and getting career advice from industry veterans were the two things that attracted him most to UTI’s automotive technology program. 

He enrolled in the program, but there was just one problem: Michael had never worked on a car in his life.

“I didn’t know a thing before I went to UTI. I knew absolutely nothing about cars,” said Michael about his experience.

He was slightly worried the automotive program would chew him up and spit him out. Many of his classmates had been working on all types of vehicles for years.

Michael’s worries faded as he discovered UTI’s curriculum was designed to meet him on his level. Michael’s automotive knowledge eventually surpassed his peers as he applied himself in class and during labs.

As Michael sought advice from his instructors and UTI’s employment office, he was fortunate enough to land a job in dealership that worked around his school schedule.

“UTI gives you a lot of resources to get a job. I owe a lot to the employment office for getting me the jobs I’ve had,” said Michael. “They really help you get to where you want to be. I was only in school for about three or four phases when [UTI] got me a job at Lexus.”

Ongoing employment assistance is one of the benefits that UTI graduates enjoy, and Michael took advantage. After working as a Lexus technician, he returned to the Employment Services department to look for work closer to home. UTI helped him seize an opportunity at his local Mercedes-Benz dealership.

To help him standout from other candidates, UTI’s employment office offered to develop Michael’s resume and prepare him for his interview.

During his career coaching sessions, Michael was surprised by the array of opportunities that UTI’s automotive technology program can open for a graduate.

“You don’t have to work on cars. You can work on trucks. You can work on hydraulic equipment. UTI also gives you some service writing skills as well, so if you didn’t want to be a technician you could…learn how to be a service writer.”

Michael completed Mercedes mechanic school and got the job at Mercedes-Benz, and now he gets to work on some of the most advanced driving machines on the road today.

Opportunities in the automotive industry are available to people of all skill levels. It doesn’t how much they know now. Through UTI, they can learn what they need to know to obtain their dream career.

“I learned everything I know now from UTI and that got me to this point. I went from nothing to a year and a half later working at a Mercedes-Benz dealership.”


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