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Graduate Testimonials

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The Path Austin Adair Took From UTI Exton Grad to Volkswagen Tech

"Coming out of UTI I was up to date right away. I knew how things worked and how they were evolving. I feel like I got a jump on everything."


There's more than one way to go after the career that you want and to make a life for yourself. Sure, there is the traditional route of going to a four year university. But there are other ways to get where you want to be. Trade schools are another way to go. In the past, some people looked down on the trades and on automotive technology schools. But with advances in technology in these fields and the demand for skilled workers, this outdated way of thinking is fading away as people realize their importance.

Austin Adair is one of those people who chose to go into a trade. He followed his own path and is now a mainline tech at Faulkner Volkswagen. Part of his journey was getting an education at Universal Technical Institute (UTI).

Austin started out as a quick lube technician, but quickly worked his way up. He feels that his training at UTI helped in his ascent. He moved up the ladder more quickly than others who had not made the investment in themselves through formal training.

“They sent me to Fast Track which for Volkswagen is their two week program just to get you up to speed with the brand and doing things like using the scan tool. Within the first year I was doing engines. They trusted me with heavier stuff because I came from UTI.”

Before going to UTI, Austin was already headed towards a career in the auto industry. Instead of a traditional high school he made the decision to go to one that was vocational. He had always been fascinated by cars, but had almost no experience in working on them. This was his first step in working towards his future.

The next step life changing moment came when a rep from UTI came to visit his vocational school.

“Sean came in and piqued my interest by telling me about all the latest equipment UTI had. And that was the important thing, because this business is constantly changing.”

And he had the support of his parents in making the decision to attend.

“My dad has always been a mechanical guy. He never worked in a shop because he never had the opportunity. So when I proposed the opportunity to attend UTI he waited it out to see if I was serious. The longer I talked about it the more he stood behind me and helped me along the way.”

Austin feels that his time at UTI and the access to their tools helped set him up for success.

“Coming out of UTI I was up to date right away. I knew how things worked and how they were evolving. I feel like I got a jump on everything.”

He also credits his time studying in the Ford Accelerated Credential Training (FACT) as expanding his knowledge, especially the focus on electrical systems.

“We probably spent two full weeks just looking at wiring diagrams which is an extremely important thing. You need to know how power flows through a circuit and be able to think your way through the car before you can fix it.”

Austin found his time at UTI rewarding and urges anyone thinking about pursuing a trade to check out their programs and not to hesitate if they’re thinking about enrolling.

“I think that you should just do it. If you don’t you’re going to regret it. I think you should branch a little bit of your comfort zone. The schooling was worth it in every aspect.

Austin took the chance in following his passions, and now is working in the career he’s always wanted. If you enjoy mechanics and working hands on, UTI provides the education to help you too, follow what excites you.

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