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Nick Genemaras Explains How He Became A Diesel Truck Mechanic at CIT

"There’s nothing more rewarding than taking a truck that’s broken or doesn’t run, one that’s smoking really bad and figuring out what’s wrong and getting it ready to go."



As a child, Nick Genemaras was always helping his dad work on their family cars. He was a curious little boy. And his dad, a former mechanic, was happy to teach him what he knew and answer his questions.

The interest that started in his dad’s garage grew and grew. He started working on lawnmowers and dirt bikes. He repaired motorcycles. He was still working on cars and learning more.

Then there was the neighbor’s truck. He parked it down the street from Nick’s house. Here was a huge, powerful machine that he didn’t know anything about. He knew he wanted to get underneath the hood of one of these huge diesels and see the machinery that made it run.

“I asked him if I could come over and help him out when he was working on his truck in the shop. He let me come over and ever since then I’ve loved working on them and have been doing it ever since.”

His career trajectory would take him through UTI and its training. He was a sophomore in high school when a representative from UTI came into his auto shop class gave a presentation about UTI. As the rep went through the program details, it resonated with Nick. He knew that UTI was the logical step in helping him develop the skills he needed to become a diesel tech. A few years after his high school graduation, while he was working in a truck repair shop, he called up UTI. Nick set up an appointment that included his parents, went to an open house event at the campus, and from there, everything fell into place. He got into the program and what he would be learning at UTI would complement what he was doing at his job.

“My experience at UTI was great because I was already working in a truck shop. I was getting experience and an education. It really put two and two together as far as what they were teaching and what I was doing in the field.”

Though it isn’t necessary to have any training or experience to attend UTI, he does credit this experience as helping familiarize himself with fixing automobiles.

“Try and work part time in at an oil change place. Take a job doing brakes. Get in some bench time and experience the environment you’re going to be working in.”

From his humble beginnings working alongside his dad in the family garage, to the entry-level jobs he’s had, through graduating from the UTI Glendale Heights campus in 2010, each phase has helped him develop the skills he’s needed to become what he is now, a diesel truck mechanic at CIT.

“CIT is always looking for technicians. There’s a lot out there. The problem is finding the good ones, those techs who want to learn and stay motivated.”

Being in the shop is where he feels at home. And it’s where he finds his fulfillment. When a trucker’s rig is down, they can’t get out there and do their jobs. He gets them back on the road so that they can pursue their livelihood.

“I love being in the shop and working with the guys. There’s nothing more rewarding than taking a truck that’s broken or doesn’t run, one that’s smoking really bad and figuring out what’s wrong and getting it ready to go. When a truck is broken, no one is making any money.”

For people like Nick, there’s never any question of where they want to go in life. From an early age he was fascinated by machinery. He took the opportunities that came his way to learn more and to help develop the skills for his trade. UTI was just one piece that helped him pursue his dreams of being a diesel mechanic. His own determination and motivation pushed him through in becoming what he is today.


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