Diverse Opportunities Make a Difference: NASCAR Tech Graduate Devin Smith

If you’ve heard of CNC machining, you probably know that it has a significant impact on numerous industries. But you may be wondering what path can prepare you for this dynamic and exciting field. Look no further than Devin Smith’s journey. Devin is a NASCAR Technical Institute graduate who has made a name for himself at Mitsubishi as a project engineer.1

Devin Smith's story begins with a desire to expand his skill set. While he had design training from his previous schooling, he had no experience with CNC machines. However, after working at a few CNC shops, he decided he wanted to learn how to run these machines himself.

This is where NASCAR Technical Institute came in — he enrolled in the CNC Machining Technology program to gain the knowledge and practical experience he needed to succeed in the industry.

One of the things that stood out to Devin most during his time at NASCAR Tech was the instructors. He describes them as "very knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge with the students."

Each instructor had their own area of expertise, which allowed Devin and his classmates to build on their knowledge with each new class. This personalized approach helped him feel confident and well-prepared to pursue a career after graduation.

After completing his education at NASCAR Tech, Devin earned a job at Mitsubishi Materials USA as a project support specialist. His main goal at the time was to learn about the different machines in the shop and enhance his knowledge. Over time, he was promoted to a project engineer and now works directly with clients to develop machine processes and tooling solutions for their projects.6

His experience at NASCAR Tech helped him gain a foundational understanding of CNC machining and prepared him for the industry. “My education from NASCAR Tech means a lot to me. I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today without it,” he shares.1

For Devin, the most exciting thing about the CNC machining industry is its diversity. "There's different opportunities whether it be operating machines, programming, using different parts, different machines, different techniques, different tools," he says.

Aspiring professionals have the opportunity to prepare for careers that match their skills and interests, whether they're interested in basic operator positions or advanced programming and machine design.


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