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Graduate Testimonials

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UTI Grad Angela Barbosa: A Change in Careers Changed Her Life

"Be proactive with your education and experience to make sure that you’re putting into it what get out of it."


For some, the beginning of their career journey may start at UTI and go forward. But others find themselves looping back to where they got their start. After three years in the auto industry Angela Barbosa returned to UTI as an employee where she gave tours to prospective students. She was happy to show them around the campus that had been so important in helping her get an education and to help her develop new skills.

One of the core principles of UTI is to change the world one life at a time. And wherever that person is at in their life, they have their best interests at heart. UTI leadership gave their support to Angela when she was a student and as an employee. And when the opportunity to pursue an apprenticeship at Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison came up, they understood the importance of this. They continued to encourage her to pursue her dreams, even if that meant moving on from her role at UTI.

As both a student and employee of UTI Angela feels like they helped her develop the skills she needed as she found her way on her own career path.

“The requirements they have as far as professionalism, attendance, and classwork were very relevant for what I’m doing in my apprenticeship now. All of that prepared me for not just the environment I’m working in but also changed me on a personal level for the better.”

Angela appreciates what she got out of UTI but knows that students need to be active participants in their education.

“Ask as many questions as possible. And if it’s not a good time jot them down and talk to your instructor later. Be proactive with your education and experience to make sure that you’re putting into it what get out of it.”

Not only does one need to stay engaged as a student, but one need to have this same drive and focus when it’s time to look for a job.

“Continually work with employee services to see what aligns with what you’re looking for. You don’t necessarily have to take the first thing that comes along. Don’t settle. This is your passion. This is what you’re invested in. Make sure that you’re going to a job that you want.”

Angela sees a world of opportunities in the trades. She feels that the potential for growth is there for those who are determined and work hard.

“There’s careers when it comes to blue collar jobs, as a technician especially. You’re hands on, you’re in the field working, there’s that part of it. But there’s a whole other level – there’s the parts room, there are service managers, service riders, and general managers.”

Being at UTI as a student and as an employee are two different experiences. For Angela Barbosa both were important in shaping her into who she is today. Angela sees the opportunities that these roles have opened up for her and looks forward to what lies ahead.

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