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Graduate Testimonials

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UTI Graduate Terry Maurer Explains the Benefits of a Comprehensive Education

"Hands-down, UTI is untouchable in terms of how many dealerships back the school up. No other tech school I've seen has that many dealerships attached to it."


When Terry Maurer was transitioning out of the military and thinking about what to do next, he knew he wanted to go to a technical school. Some colleges require students to take classes they'll never use in their careers. Terry knew he wanted to focus on the classes he would need to learn that would help him in his job.

With the GI Bill in hand, Terry enrolled at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Exton, Pennsylvania, the state where he is from. Terry spent more than 2 years at UTI, soaking up as much technician information as possible, taking several types of core courses and manufacturer-specific advanced training electives.

“Serving in the military, one of the extra bonuses they have is paying for school when you get out,” says Terry. “I took full advantage of that and decided to continue my career path of being a mechanic, like I was in the military.”

Terry took a diverse array of programs and electives, studying automotive, diesel and industrial technician courses, as well as the specialized Toyota Professional Automotive Technician (TPAT) Program and the Cummins Engines Program.

Terry graduated UTI in 2016. Today, he works at Crown Lift Trucks in Oakland, New Jersey, as a field service technician. He travels to customers and fixes equipment, with each day presenting him with something new in the field.

“Having a work van is the biggest bonus,” Terry says, “and having the freedom to drive it around to each customer, instead of having each customer come to you.”

Taking Full Advantage of Learning Opportunities

Students can complete UTI's core automotive and diesel programs in less than a year each. But Terry says taking the electives he did was a game-changer from being in the normal classes, because they rapidly advanced his knowledge with specific brands.

“You get a lot more one-on-one time with the instructors, and you can really pick their brains,” Terry says. “There are really knowledgeable instructors over there.”

Being in the labs, Terry says he enjoyed the hot rod portion, building an engine up, throwing it into a T-bucket and putting it on a Dino. In his classes, Terry met good friends he is still in contact with today, including fellow military veterans who went to UTI. He still checks in with former classmates about what they're doing in their lives and career fields.

Before attending UTI, Terry checked out several technician schools. He says going to UTI was an easy decision.

“Hands-down, UTI is untouchable in terms of how many dealerships back [the school] up,” Terry says. “No other tech school I've seen has that many dealerships attached to it.”

Military Transition to Full-Time Technician

Indeed, getting a job after graduation was a smooth process for Terry. Terry's career journey at Crown began when he met Crown representatives at a UTI job fair. One of his friends had landed a job there, which piqued his interest.

Terry says part of what helped him make a successful transition from student to professional was going to UTI and the courses he took. Terry says the hands-on experience UTI students get, with professional facilities and training equipment, is something that stands out compared to other colleges.

If you do go to UTI, look into specialized courses with the brands you're interested in, which can help you grow your career, Terry says.

“Take those electives, because those will go ahead and set you years ahead of other techs who are not taking those special courses,” Terry says. “That gives you more marketable traits and skills to get your foot in the door.”

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