Kamil Revisz Got on the FastTrack at UTI

"I just love BMWs and I love working on them."

“Growing up I always had a thing for cars,” says Kamil Revisz, a graduate from the BMW FastTrack (formerly known as STEP) program, one of our manufacturer-specific advanced training programs.11

Kamil is now working as a technician on the sales team at the BMW Morristown location, where he handles lease returns, vehicle diagnoses and repairs, certification of used cars and PDIs (pre-delivery inspections). Prior to completing the FastTrack program, Kamil graduated from the Automotive Technology program at the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Bloomfield campus in New Jersey.1

But his real passion rests more specifically with the BMW brand. “For some reason BMWs always caught my eye”, Kamil shares.

Although Kamil had an interest in cars since he was young, his journey to a career in the automotive industry wasn’t a straight path. Out of high school he attended a university, and after switching his major twice, realized that he wanted his career trajectory to go elsewhere.

When talking about his educational experience at a four-year school he said, “It didn’t really work out for me. I just didn’t enjoy that kind of aspect.”

Many students who attend UTI, like Kamil, feel that going the route of a university education isn't the best course to prepare for the career path they want. Lucky enough, UTI has plenty of program options that prepare students for careers they’re looking for. And for Kamil, that was the BMW FastTrack program.

“I remember when I was first filling out paperwork to come to UTI, they started talking about the different types of programs you can do after you graduate. So I found out about STEP [now FastTrack] and BMW was my only interest,” stated Kamil.

For those with a desire to gain manufacturer-specific knowledge, one of UTI’s manufacturer-specific advanced training (MSAT) programs, like BMW FastTrack, could be a great next step upon graduation.11 These programs were created in collaboration with industry brands like BMW, Ford, Jeep, GMC, Dodge, and more, to provide unique training to individuals who have an extra passion for these labels.

As a student of an MSAT program, Kamil’s enthusiasm for BMW continued to grow as he encountered instructors with the same excitement for this manufacturer. “My experience with my instructors was pretty awesome,” explained Kamil. “They were just cool guys really. Everyone is there with the same interests so that makes everyone get along well and just have a good time.”

Now these aren’t your typical classes. The curriculum in these advanced courses are designed to challenge the student with manufacturer-specific problems they may encounter out in the field. However, students commonly comment on the impact these had on elevating their skills as a technician, and Kamil shares the same sentiment.

Working with his hands is one of his favorite parts of what he does, but Kamil says that his job is more than just working with his hands. It’s about working with his head too and bringing the knowledge that he gained in the classroom into the shop every day.

For students who are considering the BMW FastTrack or any other MSAT program, he recommends studying hard and really committing yourself to learning as much as possible in the program so you feel prepared to transition into the career field.

“From the program to working, the transition was pretty spot on,” Kamil said. “It was just nice and easy, the transition and everything.”6

Kamil takes great pride in his work and being able to help customers have a vehicle that operates correctly. “The most rewarding thing about my career is having a vehicle come in with a ton of problems, being able to figure out what’s wrong with it, fixing it, and then taking it on that road test.” He continued, “The feeling that everything’s fixed is awesome. And knowing that the customer is going to be happy.”

The learning never stops. Kamil is dedicated to continuing to grow his knowledge of BMWs as he is working toward higher certifications. “Next for me would be to master these BMWs,” he said. “I want to get all of the certifications necessary to be able to be called a Master BMW Technician.”

If you have a passion for a specific automotive manufacturer, one of the MSAT programs at Universal Technical Institute may be a good fit for you! Learn about our automotive program or request more info from one of our admissions representatives today.


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