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Graduate Testimonials

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Ricardo Ortiz is Making His Parents Proud with a Career at Crown Equipment

"I really liked it there, the teachers have heart in what they do. They’re always there to help you."


Ricardo Ortiz has the role of field services technician at Crown Equipment Corporation. He’s the guy who goes out to see if their lift trucks need preventative maintenance. He verifies that everything is working properly, and completes repairs if need be. From one business to the next, he travels in the company van, making sure that all is well for the customers he supports.

Inside he carries a toolbox, an air compressor, and plastic bottles of important fluids like oil, hydraulic fluid, and transmission fluid. There are also service manuals if he needs them. The parts that he may need to do any repairs are packed in there as well. But he also brings something along that’s just as important – his knowledge and skills that he developed as a student at Universal Technical Institute (UTI).

In high school, he knew that a four year college wasn’t right for him. He wanted to do something that was hands on. He first heard about UTI while in a shop class. It sounded interesting to him. A friend of his who was a student at UTI recommended that Ricardo check it out. He decided to enroll, liked the coursework and stuck with it.

His parents fully supported his decision to attend – he was the first person in his family to pursue any sort of higher education. “I was the first one in my immediate family to do anything after high school, whatever I was going to do they were going to have my back, they were really happy knowing that I was going to some sort of school.”

While at UTI he studied automotive as well as diesel industrial. He loved the hands on experience and learned a lot from his instructors.

“I really liked it there, the teachers have heart in what they do. They’re always there to help you. They’re never going to send you away. Even if it’s after class they’ll stick around and help you out.”

Crown Equipment has a close relationship with UTI and Ricardo had the opportunity to meet and speak to some of their employees while he was a student. He was a bit unsure at first, but a friend working at Crown confirmed what a great company they were to work for.

“I thought it was too good to be true. But a buddy of mine at UTI started working at Crown Equipment, recommended me, and I got the job.”

His parents were proud of him when he graduated from UTI in April of 2017, but were even more proud when he accepted a job at Crown Equipment.

Ricardo feels that his persistence helped him. Every time a representative from Crown would visit UTI, he would make it a point to shake their hands and make sure they knew his name. He recommends that anyone do this to show potential employers that they are interested and to make sure that they don’t forget who you are.

At Crown Equipment, he continues to grow as a tech. One of his goals is to have the absolute confidence that comes with time and experience.

“Forklifts are different from cars and diesel trucks. Sometimes it can still be a bit intimidating, but in the future, I want to be able to tackle a project and be totally comfortable in what I’m doing and I’m sure that I’ll get there.”

As field services tech, Ricardo Ortiz has the important job of making sure that his customer’s forklifts and equipment are all in working order. He got the job through his hard work and dedication. UTI was there to provide the education and skills needed that were so important in helping him get there.

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