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Graduate Testimonials

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Breaking Out of Everyday Repetition | MIAT Graduate Nathan Revita’s Story


“The advice I know, it’s never too late to start.”

Those were words spoken by graduate Nathan Revita that left him choked up for a moment.

When watching Nathan Revita’s story, you might notice a successful, passionate employee describing his new career with Technical Hot & Cold. What you might not see is the journey that got him where he is today.

Nathan’s background is in furniture sales, something he described was a cycle of monotony for him.

“I was tired of my every day, day to day, in and out, same thing, boring, repetitive,” says Nathan. That’s when he decided to make a change.

Training in the HVAC Program

Nathan recalls enrolling in the HVACR Technician program quickly after discovering it.1 He was keen on enrolling because of our hands-on learning approach.

“I don’t really like a whole lot of bookwork,” says Nathan. “So for me, you have a little bit of bookwork and the rest would be hands-on about what you need to know in the field broken down section by section.”

Another important factor to Nathan was the instructors.

“Each instructor specialized in a different area of what we studied and they would take their knowledge and help you if you wanted it,” says Nathan. 

Life as an HVAC Technician

Now working as an HVAC technician, Nathan talks about how he loves that no two days are alike at his job. A typical day in the life of Nathan at work includes receiving calls, traveling to homes, and diagnosing and doing what it takes to repair the issue.

“Everything that I learned in school had prepped me for the job that I do now. It helped me out a lot,” says Nathan.

Nathan has big life goals: obtaining his mechanical license and opening up his own shop one day.

“It’s the best thing I ever did,” says Nathan. “It helped me change my life completely from A to Z and do a complete 180. I love it.”

Pursue a Career Path with Variety: Explore HVAC Training

With our program, you could be ready to pursue a career as an HVAC technician in just 39 weeks. If you enjoy working with your hands and finding solutions to problems, you might love our HVACR Technician program. This program is offered at four of our campuses: Canton, Michigan; Mooresville, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; and Houston, Texas. Learn more about it on our HVACR program page.

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