Infiniti Technician Training Overview

The Infiniti Technician Training Academy (ITTA) provides students with intensive training on the full line of the latest Infiniti models.  The ITTA program targets individuals looking to advance their automotive careers at Infiniti dealerships.  The majority of time is spent in the lab working with the vehicles, building diagnostic skills and learning about the major vehicle components and systems of these world class luxury-performance vehicles. Check out more news about UTI’s Infiniti Technician Training Academy.


Successful graduates earn Infiniti Technician certification credits. In 18 weeks, the ITTA program provides graduates with a 90% academic attainment level of the Infiniti KEI Master Technician Status. This prepares you to start your career with an Infiniti dealership immediately after graduation.* 

Infiniti greatly values Infiniti Technical Training Academy (ITTA) graduates. Their transcripts are loaded into Infiniti’s nationwide technician database to track student training history. 

*UTI cannot guarantee employment or salary.

Get prepared to work on Infinity luxury vehicles

Course Objectives

What You'll Learn

During this training program, students have the opportunity to acquire skills and experience by diagnosing and servicing the full line of luxury-performance Infiniti vehicles.

Topics Include

  • Introduction to Infiniti
  • Express Service
  • Basic Electrical Concepts
  • Advanced Electrical Diagnostics
  • CONSULT-III Plus Functions 
  • ECCS Operation, Diagnosis & Repair 
  • Chassis Systems Diagnosis & Repair
  • Engine Mechanical Service
  • Climate Control Operation & Diagnosis
  • Manual Transmission Service
  • Automatic Transmission Diagnosis & Unit Repair 
  • Noise Vibration & Harshness Analysis
  • Employment Success - Soft-Skills


The ITTA program provides a 90% academic attainment level of the Infiniti KEI Master Technician Status.

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