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Answers to 9 Commonly Asked Questions About Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI)

Jan 15, 2021 ·

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Located in sunny Orlando, Florida, Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI) is one of the largest marine technician training centers in the nation.

This facility is home to our Marine Technician Specialist program, which includes training on the products of five leading manufacturers. Whether you’ve grown up around boats or are brand new to the industry, MMI can provide the hands-on training you need to prepare for a career in the field.1

If you’re considering heading to Orlando for your training, you will most likely have some questions. Keep reading to find answers to nine commonly asked questions about MMI:

9 Commonly Asked Questions About MMI

1. How Long Is the Marine Training Program?

The Marine Technician Specialist training program is a 51-week program. This means you can complete your training in just under a year!7

This program starts with core marine training ranging from engines and rigging to electrical systems and service operations. From there, you’ll move into a series of manufacturer-specific courses featuring:

In these courses, you’ll gain technical and hands-on training specific to each brand while learning the design and operation unique to each manufacturer. You’ll gain a wide range of skills that you can build upon as you pursue a career in a marina, boatyard, as a dealer, or wherever your path may take you.

2. Does MMI Help With Housing?

If you’re planning on relocating to the Sunshine State for your training, know that MMI, like all Universal Technical Institute (UTI) campuses, offers housing assistance for students.

In Orlando, the Student Services department works with Compass Rose to help students secure housing. Compass Rose offers both shared and independent housing options that are conveniently located close to campus.

With shared housing, the typical setup is four students in a two-bedroom apartment. However, some Compass Rose arrangements allow private rooms. If you’re bringing someone with you, have pets or are just looking for privacy, independent housing is also available.

To learn more details about housing arrangements near MMI, visit our Orlando housing page. There, you can also find general information about the Orlando area, as well as a list of local racetracks and fun things to do!

3. Do I Need to Bring My Own Tools? What Do I Need for Class?

As a marine student, all tools necessary for your training will be supplied to you. The only thing you will be responsible for is bringing a digital multimeter that meets or exceeds specifications set by MMI.

A student works on a motor in an MMI lab.

The multimeter is used throughout the program and ultimately will be an essential tool as you graduate and pursue employment in the field. An approved digital multimeter is available for purchase at the campus if you do not have one that meets the requirements. Pricing information can be found in our catalog or by reaching out to the campus.

4. What if I Can’t Afford to Pay for School?

Cost is an important factor to take into account when considering any type of training. Calculating the cost of your tuition upfront can help you plan accordingly, and it can also bring peace of mind knowing what will be expected of you financially.

To learn more details about tuition at MMI, visit our Tuition page. Here, you can utilize our complimentary Tuition Estimator to determine financial aid eligibility and any out-of-pocket costs.

The good news is there are several ways you may be able to lower the cost of your education, including:

  • Applying for financial aid: MMI encourages students to apply for financial aid, which is assistance from government and private sources to help students pay for their education.10 To see if you qualify, you will first need to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Our team can help you with this process!
  • Scholarships & grants: UTI will make more than $15 million in scholarships and grants available in 2022 to students at its schools, including MMI. If you’re looking for scholarship and grant opportunities, be sure to visit our Scholarships & Grants page. Here, you can find links to scholarship information from various organizations, including SkillsUSA, TechForce Foundation and Imagine America.
  • Working part-time: Working part-time while you train is a great way to help cover living expenses while also gaining valuable work experience to add to your résumé. At each UTI campus, there are Career Advisors who can help you find a local job that doesn’t interfere with your training.

For any questions you have related to finances, reach out to one of our Financial Aid Representatives. Whether you need guidance on what scholarships to apply for or assistance with applying for financial aid, we’re here to help!

5. What Marine Engines Will I Learn to Work On?

The Marine Technician Specialist program is designed to equip you with a diverse set of skills that you can apply to many different settings. Throughout your training, you will learn to work on a wide variety of engines, including inboard, outboard, two-stroke, four-stroke sterndrive and diesel engines.

Check out this video to get an inside look at the MMI lab as well as the types of engines you’ll be working on:

6. Do You Get to Test Boats on the Water?

MMI has more than 70 test tanks to simulate real-life operating circumstances. Test tanks allow engine operation for verifying customer operational concerns, completing diagnostics and verifying proper engine operation after repairs have been performed.

Marine engine manufacturers use test tanks in their own training centers to train dealer-employed technicians. They are the marine industry gold standard for engine operation while servicing.

It’s important to note that MMI doesn’t teach boat usage or operation, similar to how the automotive program doesn’t teach students how to drive. Rather, the program focuses on teaching the skills students will need to know when working on watercraft during their careers.

7. How Much Does a Marine Technician Make?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for motorboat mechanics and service technicians in the United States was $48,280 in May 2022.31 This means half of marine technicians earned more and half earned less. Keep in mind that salary depends on several factors, including experience, employer, demand and cost of living in the area.

8. What Certifications Will I Have When I Graduate?

Students in the Marine Technician Specialist program graduate with a diploma and the potential to earn additional certifications.

Students gain specialized training on Honda Marine, Volvo Penta, Mercury Marine, Suzuki Marine and Yamaha Marine, as well as the opportunity to complete training credentials from Mercury Marine, Volvo Penta and Yamaha Marine. Additionally, MMI is the only school that offers the opportunity to earn Provisional Mercury Outboard Certification while you train.

9. Does MMI Help Graduates Find Jobs?

Although employment cannot be guaranteed, MMI places great emphasis on assisting graduates to obtain entry-level technician positions as they begin their careers. At each campus, there is a team of specialists that works with national dealerships, distributors and employers of all sizes across the country to identify potential jobs for graduates. As a student, you can benefit from the industry connections we’ve built over the years.

UTI’s Career Services resources are available to graduates throughout their careers. Whether you’re fresh out of school and are looking for your first full-time position or are 10 years into your career and are looking to make a change, we’re here to help connect you to the next great opportunity.

Start Your Training at MMI

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1) MMI is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

2) For program outcome information and other disclosures, visit

7) Some programs may require longer than one year to complete.

10) Financial aid, scholarships and grants are available to those who qualify. Awards vary due to specific conditions, criteria and state.

31) MMI’s Marine Technician Specialist Program prepares graduates for entry-level positions using the provided training, primarily as marine technicians. Estimated annual salary shown above is for Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians as published in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2022 Occupational Employment and Wages. Entry-level salaries are lower for MMI graduates. MMI is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary. MMI graduates’ achievements may vary. Individual circumstances and wages depend on economic factors, personal credentials, work experience, industry certifications, the location of the employer, and their compensation programs. Some MMI graduates get jobs within their field of study in positions other than as a marine technician, such as equipment maintenance, inspector, and part associate. Salary information for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: The average annual entry-level salary range for persons employed as Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians (49-3051) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is $32,760 to $42,570 (Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development, May 2020 data Salary information for North Carolina: The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the hourly median wage for skilled marine technicians in North Carolina is $22.17 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, May 2022 Occupational Employment and Wages, Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians). The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not publish entry-level salary data. However, the 25th and 10th percentile of hourly earnings in North Carolina are $16.99 and $13.38.

Universal Technical Institute of Illinois, Inc. is approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


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