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About the UTI Exton, PA Campus

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Exton, Pennsylvania, offers many educational opportunities for those looking to pursue a career in the skilled trades. But a campus should be more than an outpost where students come and go without saying a word to each other — there needs to be community.

The connection among students, instructors, UTI staff and the greater community is key to the family culture at UTI Exton. UTI is so much more than a place to get an education — it provides an opportunity to make new friends, grow as an individual and discover your passion. The UTI Exton campus is in a prime location for those on the East Coast seeking an education in the skilled trades. Students come from around the country, especially from the nearby states of New York and Maryland.

Core programs in Automotive, Diesel, Welding, and Robotics & Automation are offered (the Robotics & Automation program is coming to UTI Exton). The campus also offers an associate in specialized technology (AST) degree to graduates of the 75-week Automotive/Diesel & Industrial Technology program who also complete five general education online courses.40

Add in specialized training with Ford, Cummins11 and BMW, and this 178,000 square-foot campus with 55 classrooms and labs provides exciting opportunities for students to grow as professionals and train for careers.1

Industry Connections

Students benefit from UTI’s industry relationships across all of our campuses nationwide. At UTI Exton, students can attend a number of career fairs held throughout the year. Companies like Penske, Crown Lift, Cummins, Fred Beans Automotive, Faulkner Automotive and more come out to meet students and answer their questions.

UTI Exton has hosted career fairs with as many as 80 employers in attendance. These events give students the chance to learn more about different companies, network and explore the incredible career opportunities that may be available to them once they leave as graduates.5

Balancing Work and Play

As a student, it might seem like there are a lot of serious tasks that need to be completed while in school. Meeting with financial advisors, utilizing Student Support Services and going to tutoring are all part of being responsible. However, at UTI Exton, we believe the student experience should be fun — which is why we take pride in offering our students a balance between work and play.

We know our students work hard, and we recognize this by hosting events where students can have some fun! We believe students learn more when they’re having fun and enjoying themselves.

For example, student appreciation days at UTI Exton offer a carnival-like atmosphere full of food, fun and games. It’s an opportunity for students to let loose and get to know each other better. There are also tire-changing contests and other on-campus activities where students can join together in friendly competition. These events provide students with opportunities to build community with those who share the same passions.

Opening the Doors for a Greater Good

UTI Exton exists to enhance the lives of its students, but we also play an important role in the local community. Whether it’s taking part in blood drives for the Red Cross, making the campus available as a polling location or hosting a benefit to help find a cure for pancreatic cancer, we make an effort to help those around us.

The heart behind UTI Exton’s involvement with the local community is to show students that life is about more than your profession. It’s important to take part in something that serves the greater good and gives back to those in need.

Walking Away as UTI Graduates and Into the Future

“We’re beyond the age of mechanics being looked down on as a profession. The technology on these vehicles is now so complex. When students put in the time and effort and graduate, it’s quite the accomplishment,” says Kristina Kenworthey, who has a role in administration at UTI Exton.

Graduates of UTI aren’t stepping into the grease-covered overalls of the mechanics of yesteryear. They’re entering a field driven by computers and ever-advancing technologies. The role of a technician today is one of professionalism, skill and continuous learning to keep up with the changing industry.

Students who complete their education at UTI know that it takes hard work, dedication and discipline. UTI Exton sees the leap from student to grad being a significant accomplishment, and the campus goes above and beyond to ensure students get more than just the experience of having a diploma handed to them. It deserves a celebration!

At Exton’s graduation ceremonies, students gather together in a room. When they exit the doors, it’s a symbolic act. They enter the “walk of fame,” which symbolizes them now being graduates. They’re greeted by cheers and high-fives, with campus president Robert Kessler himself being there to congratulate them. It’s a ceremony full of positivity and celebrating all that the students have achieved, as well as the new opportunities ahead of them.

“It gives the staff one final time to shake the hands of students, there’s a lot of camaraderie, everyone gets pumped up and energized before moving on the next phase of their lives. It’s a true celebration,” Kristina says.

What’s in Store for UTI Exton?

New students walking onto the UTI Exton campus have a lot to look forward to. As they make new friends, learn exciting things and build a foundation of skills for a future career, they’ll also have the opportunity to be a part of something greater — the UTI community. The sense of community that extends beyond the walls of the campus is what makes UTI Exton a special place.

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