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MIAT Houston in Transition

In 2021, MIAT College of Technology joined forces with UTI. Since then, UTI has added exciting new program offerings such as aviation, robotics and automation and HVACR. In Houston, TX, MIAT and UTI are just a quarter mile apart, and until now, we’ve been enrolling students into both schools.

To simplify things, we’re merging the two campuses. This transition will enhance collaboration and expand support services, creating even more benefits for students and graduates.

Future Enrolled Students

  • Will I have to attend a different campus location?

    No, class and lab will still be at 533 Northpark Central Drive, Houston, Texas 77073.

  • How and when will this affect me?

    Depending on your start date, you may start as an MIAT student and then transfer to UTI to complete UTI’s version of the same program. If you successfully complete the program at UTI, you will receive a UTI diploma at graduation.

    The transition will occur in these phases:

    • Industrial Maintenance, Robotics & Automation, Wind Power and HVACR will become UTI programs on May 13, 2024.
    • Airframe & Powerplant & Advanced Non-Destructive Testing will become UTI programs on October 28, 2024.

    If your planned start date is after the transition dates above, you will have the opportunity to enroll at UTI, where you will continue to have access to support services that enhance financial aid, career services, housing assistance and military and veteran benefits.

  • Will my course schedule change?

    Yes. It will shift to match UTI’s current course model. You will attend class Monday through Friday for five hours per day. The following sessions will be available:

    • First session: 6:30 to 11:30 a.m. (one hour less per day)
    • Second session: Noon to 5 p.m. (one hour less per day)

  • Will program offerings stay the same?

    UTI will continue to offer Industrial Maintenance, Robotics & Automation, Wind Power, HVACR, Airframe & Powerplant and Advanced Non-destructive Testing. As of now, MIAT offers Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees for select programs. UTI will not offer these.

    Students who enrolled prior to 12/5/23 can complete an AAS degree program at MIAT Canton upon graduation from UTI Houston as part of the teach out plan. Please note that Robotics and Energy programs also have on-ground courses that require completion to meet program criteria. Those courses can only be completed at MIAT Canton after 5/13/2024. Aviation general education courses are online and can be completed remotely. Students who enroll 12/5/2023 or later must meet specific credit requirements to attend an AAS program at MIAT Canton. Please reach out to Student Services if you have questions.

  • Will I still graduate when expected

    Your program may shorten or lengthen. This will depend on when you start training, as well as the courses you take before the transition. Our Support Services team will meet with you to discuss this in further detail.

  • Will tuition costs change?

    No, your tuition will not increase. If your program is less expensive at UTI, your tuition may be lower.

Interested in Attending a Program in Houston

  • Will there be a new location?

    No, classes and labs will continue at 533 Northpark Central Drive, Houston, Texas 77073.

  • Will this affect my chances of being hired post-graduation?

    Not at all! UTI has a strong reputation and we expect this transition to support similar employment opportunities for our graduates.1

  • Will the program lengths change?

    The Wind Power Technician and HVACR Technician program lengths won’t change. However, MIAT Houston’s other three program offerings will be shortened, so students can begin pursuing careers sooner.

    • The Industrial Maintenance Technician program will be shortened from 9 to 7 months.
    • The Airframe & Powerplant Technician program will be shortened from 20 to 18 months.
    • The Advanced Non-destructive Testing program will be shortened from 9 to 8 months.

  • Will there be any changes to staff or teaching methods?

    No, MIAT’s expert instructors and industry-aligned curriculum have contributed to its strong reputation as a technical education provider.

  • If I enrolled, would the same support services still be available?

    Yes, and more! Our collective group of students will be backed by an even larger Support Services team that includes Financial Aid, Career Services, Housing Assistance and Military & Veteran Benefits.