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How This Grad Landed His Dream Job as a Lamborghini Tech

Sep 16, 2021 ·

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Technicians take up careers in the automotive industry for many different reasons. For some, it’s a passion for hands-on work and understanding what goes on under the hood. For others, it’s about carrying on a family legacy that’s been passed down from generation to generation.

For UTI graduate Cainon Miskell, it started with a love for one of the most iconic brands in the industry: Lamborghini. While a career working for this top-tier brand is only a dream for many, Cainon was able to make it a reality.

So, how did he do it? Keep reading to learn about Cainon’s story, including how he got to where he is today and his advice for aspiring technicians. 

Where It All Started

Cainon grew up in a small town in Illinois, but he always had big dreams for the future. From a young age, he had an interest in cars and was drawn to anything that went fast. Like many car enthusiasts, he grew up collecting Hot Wheels and tinkering on anything he could get his hands on.

“I’ve always been fascinated with cars — how they work and what makes them tick,” Cainon shares.

After high school, Cainon started working in manufacturing. While he was successful, he wasn’t fulfilled. He began to realize that if he wanted to reach his full potential, he needed to branch out and consider opportunities beyond what was available in his hometown.

One day, Cainon’s friend called and asked what he thought about moving to Florida. Cainon began researching schools in the area and came across Universal Technical Institute in Orlando. He was drawn to the Automotive program as well as the employment resources UTI makes available to students, and eventually decided to enroll and train for a career as a technician.

A short time later, Cainon packed his bags and made the move to the Sunshine State. His manufacturing job transferred to Florida, which allowed him to continue working while he went to school. His schedule was busy, but he knew this was what he needed to do to get to where he wanted to be.

Training to Become a Tech

While Cainon had a basic knowledge of cars before attending UTI, he knew there was so much more to learn. In the beginning, he just wanted to learn how to work on cars, but he didn’t stop there.

“As I kept learning, my ambitions grew more and more,” Cainon shares.

During his program, Cainon began thinking about next steps and where he wanted to end up in his career. After completing his core automotive training, he decided to continue with one of UTI’s manufacturer-specific training programs. According to him, this is what took his training to the next level.

“It was more hands-on and specific to the brand. It really helped out a lot,” he says.

Within three weeks of graduating, Cainon landed a job at a Nissan dealership in Miami.1 While he was fresh out of school and didn’t have industry experience, he beat out three other experienced candidates. Cainon credits this to his specialized training, since his employer was drawn to the fact that he was already familiar with some of the tools and technology used in the shop.5

Starting a Career as a High-Performance Mechanic

Cainon quickly found success working in the Nissan dealership. Within just a few months, his employer was already talking about him moving up the ranks.

While Cainon enjoyed what he was doing, he still had a specific brand on his mind, the brand he’d loved ever since he was 10: Lamborghini. So, he contacted his Employment Services representative at UTI to let him know he was interested in any opportunities that arose with the brand. He knew they were rare, so he needed to be persistent in his search.

Several months later, Cainon received a call from his Employment Services rep. There was an opportunity with a Lamborghini dealership in Florida, but there was a catch — it was in Palm Beach. Cainon was living in Homestead at the time, which is about 110 miles away.

Despite the long drive, Cainon went for it and applied for the role. He was committed to making it work, as this was possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

After applying and interviewing, Cainon received the news that he had gotten the job at Lamborghini Palm Beach. During his first week, he drove more than 200 miles round-trip every day for work, meaning he logged more than 1,000 total miles!

Luckily, Cainon didn’t have to make the drive for long. He ended up finding a place to live just 10 miles from work, so he made the move to Palm Beach.

A Day in the Life of a Lamborghini Tech

Cainon has worked for Lamborghini Palm Beach for more than four years now, and he still has the same excitement as he did for his first day on the job.

“It’s not a normal dealership. I come in and see everything from a Porsche GT3 to a Lamborghini Urus, McLaren Senna and Ferrari 488,” he shares.

While working on luxury vehicles was intimidating at first, Cainon has become more and more confident in his skills. “At the end of the day, they’re all vehicles that work the same way,” he says.

As a beginner tech, Cainon did everything from safety checks to oil changes. As he gained more experience, he started taking on more complex projects, like removing engines. According to him, every day in the shop brings something new.

Cainon isn’t the only UTI grad working at Lamborghini Palm Beach. His service manager, Chris, and shop foreman, Brian, are both UTI grads. And the shop recently hired a new technician who is also a UTI grad.

Working alongside other grads has helped Cainon feel at home, and he’s enjoyed being on a team with others who come from a similar background. “We’re a pro-UTI shop,” he says.

Chris graduated from UTI’s Illinois campus now located Lisle and, like Cainon, took a specialized training program. He’s been in the automotive industry for more than 20 years and worked his way up from detailing cars to being a service manager for one the most prestigious brands in the world.

“I was very impressed with the manufacturer program for giving me brand-specific knowledge and learning how to operate their scan tools and read wiring diagrams to allow proper troubleshooting, with the ultimate end goal of repairing the vehicle right the first time,”6 Chris shares. “The three most important things I received during the entire program are knowledge, confidence and a career in the automotive industry.”

Advice for Aspiring Techs

So, what’s the best advice for those who aspire to work for a luxury manufacturer like Lamborghini? For Cainon, it all comes down to hard work and persistence. His path to getting where he is today wasn’t always easy — but he stuck with it and took a leap of faith, and things have worked out.

According to Cainon’s shop foreman, Brian, it’s important to take pride in your work. “At this level, it requires more attention to detail, and you need to care more. About the car, the client, and the whole experience. Quality work will take you far.”

Additionally, for both Cainon and Brian, investing in your education and taking a manufacturer-specific program can be key for getting you ahead in the industry.11

“I think the specialized programs help you get familiar with the product before going into a dealer. This way you have some initial brand experience and knowledge,” Brian shares. “It for sure can help you get ahead. You have the upper hand on the next guy applying for the same job who doesn’t have specific training.”

For Chris, attitude is everything. “Being in a luxury brand with Lamborghini or any other high-end manufacturer, there is a higher level of expectations we have to offer our clients,” he shares. “Having a great attitude in this industry and being willing to take on anything that comes your way is what it takes to succeed.”

Goals for the Future

Cainon has already accomplished much in his career, and he’s just getting started. Like any good technician, he hopes to continue learning and get better every day. In five to 10 years, he hopes to still be working for Lamborghini and advancing his knowledge even more.  

“Lamborghini will always have a spot in my heart,” he says. “It’s a blessing to wake up every day and deal with cars many people only dream of driving.”

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1) UTI is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

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5) UTI programs prepare graduates for careers in industries using the provided training, primarily as automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technicians. Some UTI graduates get jobs within their field of study in positions other than as a technician, such as: parts associate, service writer, fabricator, paint and paint prep, and shop owner/operator. UTI is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

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