May, 2018


At Universal Technical Institute (UTI) we offer a variety of technical programs wherever your interests may lie. Maybe it’s the rumble of a motorcycle that shakes you with excitement. Or you might prefer a sea breeze and the hum of a boat engine.

Whether your passion is on land or on water, UTI offers two MMI programs for you. There’s the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) and the Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI).

Though these three letters in MMI represent two very different programs, both give you the skills and training you need for a new career path. Becoming a motorcycle mechanic (technician) or marine mechanic (technician) is within your reach when you attend MMI.

Motorcycles in shop


Let's face it, reading words in a textbook isn't the most exciting way to become a motorcycle mechanic, no matter how much you love motorcycles. That’s why at Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) we not only have valuable classroom instruction, but we place a heavy focus on our labs where you get your hands on the motorcycles.

While at MMI, you'll have access to motorcycles and equipment from leading manufacturers like Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and BMW Motorrad.

We'll give you a moment to let that sink in. Okay... are you excited yet?

“To share the passion for motorcycles, whether it’s riding or wrenching, and to communicate all of this to students is amazing.”

-David Dyck, Motorcycle Instructor, MMI Phoenix, AZ

Our state-of-the-industry facilities located in Orlando, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona, enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors combined with our training and curriculum will give you the education you need to prepare for a career as a motorcycle mechanic.

The road to becoming an entry level motorcycle technician is a short one. MMI’s 48- to 102-week training programs will put you on the fast track to prepare to become a motorcycle mechanic. Included in the training programs are core courses designed to help you build a foundation of knowledge in motorcycle technologies and systems. You can then move onto our manufacturer-specific training courses. Here you’ll expand your knowledge of those OEM brands you’re interested in.

Boats getting repaired



Don’t let your dreams of being a marine mechanic be capsized by an educational program that keeps you from getting hands-on experience with leading brands. UTI’s Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI) in Orlando, FL will help you develop the skills you need to prepare for a career as a marine technician.

“The curriculum we have here would give an individual, whether they’ve touched a screwdriver or not, the knowledge and the skills to turn that into ability.”

-Bill Crosby, Marine Instructor, MMI Orlando

This 51-week program at our Orlando, Florida campus will help you develop the skills and knowledge to diagnose and fix problems on a variety of outboard and inboard engines and drive systems.

You’ll learn all about electrical systems, engines, fuel and lubrication systems among other valuable lessons in the MMI program. To become a marine mechanic you need the skillset that training at MMI will give you.

Our Marine program has relationships with leading brands like Honda Marine, Mercury Marine, Suzuki Marine, Volvo Penta, and Yamaha Marine.

And get this—there are 70 water tanks where you’ll get to test state-of-the-industry equipment. At MMI we’re all about education being a hands-on experience. You won’t feel a disconnect between what you learn in the classroom and what you put into practice. You’ll prepare to enter the job market with the skills employers are looking for when hiring entry level technicians. You’ll be well prepared to become a marine technician.


At UTI you have choices when it comes to the kind of technical skills you want to learn. Whether you want to become a motorcycle mechanic or a marine technician, we’re here to give you a solid educational foundation.

All you need to do is follow your passion. And UTI is here to let you do just that.