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Agricultural Mechanic Training at Fendt Technician Academy

Apr 7, 2021 ·

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There’s a lot of equipment used in the farming industry, and the tools used need to be properly maintained to keep this important sector of the economy functioning. Those who maintain and repair these parts are known as agricultural mechanics.

Considering the importance of this job, pursuing a career in the industry could be a good move if the idea of working with your hands sounds appealing. Gaining experience working on this type of equipment can be achieved by attending the Fendt Technician Academy, a Manufacturer-Specific Advanced Training (MSAT) program at Universal Technical Institute (UTI).15

The eight-week manufacturer-paid advanced training program is available at UTI’s campus in Lisle, Illinois. The program trains students to work on tractors and equipment from Fendt, which is part of the AGCO Corporation, an American agricultural machinery manufacturer.

UTI is the only school in the United States to offer this exciting opportunity, which comes with many benefits for students who qualify.11 Housing costs are covered during the course of the program, and graduates earn Level 1-3 Fendt Wheeled Tractor Certification.

If this piques your interest, keep on reading to find out more about the program and what agricultural technicians do.

What Is an Agricultural Technician?

The main job of an agricultural technician is to help keep farm equipment and tools running their best. Some daily tasks that someone working in this role might perform include:

  • Forging new metal parts
  • Testing wiring and electrical components
  • Reassembling machinery
  • Cleaning and lubricating parts
  • Checking and repairing defective engines
  • Logging maintenance reports

Depending on the project and equipment being worked on, the specific daily duties of an agricultural technician can vary.

Requirements for the Program

To qualify for the Fendt Technician Academy program, students must be a high school graduate or have a GED diploma. Students also must first complete UTI’s core Diesel Technology curriculum and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher for the duration of the core training.

If accepted into the program, students must be willing to sign a commitment contract with AGCO Corporation for a minimum one year of employment at a Fendt dealership. Accepted candidates must also be able to pass both drug and background checks.

Additional admissions requirements relating to enrolling in UTI programs can be referenced here.

Program Features

During the Fendt program, students are trained to work with exclusive FUSE® technology. They receive hands-on experience working with the brand’s engines, electronics and powertrain hydraulics.

There are six classes covered during the program’s eight weeks, which include:

  • Introduction to Fendt: Students dive into the history of Fendt tractors, information systems and the 10-step customer/machine resolution process.
  • Electrical System and Testing: Students participate in an electrical boot camp, where they learn about the CAN network and gain experience with calibrations, practical applications and troubleshooting.
  • Deutz and Man Engines: Students learn about engine specifications and perform testing and diagnostics on engine systems.
  • Powertrains Vario Transmission: Students receive a component overview, CVT insert training, and training on VarioDrive operations, drive lines and brakes.
  • Hydraulics Testing and Diagnostics: This class covers operations, systems flow and hydraulic pressures, as well as pneumatic systems and pressure testing.
  • Fuse® Technology Systems: Students finish by focusing on the Fendt Auto Guide, Fendt Connect systems and Fendt Task Doc/Pro.


Once students have graduated from the Fendt Technician Academy, they will be prepared for employment at hundreds of Fendt dealers throughout North America.1 The certifications that Fendt Technician Academy students receive can help get them ready for careers as agricultural mechanics, diesel equipment technicians and more.

Along with career placement, there are other benefits to attending the Fendt program at UTI:

  • Manufacturer-paid program: The program and housing costs are both covered for the eight weeks of training.
  • Exclusivity: UTI is the only school in the U.S. providing manufacturer-paid Fendt Technician Academy training.
  • Experienced instructors: Students will learn from instructors equipped with decades of combined experience working with Fendt equipment.
  • Small class sizes: Courses in the Fendt program are limited to 12 to 15 students for a more personalized experience.
  • Fendt-specific training: Students work with Fendt’s exclusive technology as they receive 320 hours of hands-on training, which helps them gain in-depth knowledge of what the brand has to offer.
  • Certifications: Graduates earn Level 1-3 Fendt Wheeled Tractor Certification. These certifications demonstrate that grads have knowledge and skills that are up to industry standards.

A Fendt tractor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is the Fendt Technician Academy available?

The Fendt Technician Academy MSAT is available at UTI’s campus in Lisle, Illinois.

How Long Does Agricultural Equipment Technician Training Take?

You must attend and complete the core 45-week diesel or 75-week auto/diesel programs before moving on to the 8-week Fendt Technician Academy MSAT.

How Much Can You Make as an Entry-Level Agricultural Mechanic?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) helps to provide salary insight for a range of jobs. While there isn’t data for agricultural mechanics specifically, many who enter the field start as entry-level diesel technicians.

According to the BLS, the median annual salary for bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists in the U.S. was $54,360 in May 2022.29 This means half of diesel technicians earned more and half earned less. Keep in mind that salary depends on several factors, including experience, employer, demand and cost of living in the area.

Can Students Change Sessions in Which They’re Enrolled if Circumstances Change?

Requests are evaluated based on the reasoning and class availability.

What Certifications Do Students Hold When They Graduate?

Graduates earn Level 1-3 Fendt Wheeled Tractor Certification.

Train for a Career in AG Mechanics at UTI

If training to become an agricultural technician sounds like it could be the right fit for you, the Fendt Technician Academy MSAT program at UTI could be a great way to get ready for the industry. You’ll have a step up when entering the job market after receiving hands-on training and graduating with Fendt-specific certifications.

Take the first step and learn more about core Diesel Technology program training at UTI so you can be prepared for the Fendt program at UTI’s campus in Lisle, Illinois. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, contact us online or call 1-800-834-7308.

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1) UTI is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

2) For program outcome information and other disclosures, visit

11) See program details for eligibility requirements and conditions that may apply.

15) Manufacturer-paid advanced training programs are conducted by UTI on behalf of manufacturers who determine acceptance criteria and conditions. These programs are not part of UTI’s accreditation. Programs available at select locations.

29) UTI’s Diesel Technology Program prepares graduates for entry-level positions using the provided training, primarily as diesel technicians. Estimated annual salary shown above is for Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists as published in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2022 Occupational Employment and Wages. Entry-level salaries are lower for UTI graduates. UTI is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary. UTI graduates’ achievements may vary. Individual circumstances and wages depend on economic factors, personal credentials, work experience, industry certifications, the location of the employer, and their compensation programs. Some UTI graduates get jobs within their field of study in positions other than as diesel truck technicians, including in industries such as heavy equipment repair, power generation, and agriculture. Salary information for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: The average annual entry-level salary range for persons employed as Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists (49-3031) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is $32,360 to $94,400 (Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development, May 2020 data Salary information for North Carolina: The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the hourly median wage for skilled diesel technicians in North Carolina is $24.18 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, May 2022 Occupational Employment and Wages, Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists). The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not publish entry-level salary data. However, the 25th and 10th percentile of hourly earnings in North Carolina are $20.56 and $17.49, respectively.

Universal Technical Institute of Illinois, Inc. is approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


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