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What Is a CNC Mill Machinist?

Jul 28, 2021 ·

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The process of computer numerical control (CNC) machining is important for manufacturing in many industries. CNC machines are used to create products with accuracy and precision at high speeds. They’re able to do so thanks to preprogrammed computer software that helps dictate the movements of different tools.

CNC machinists are trained to work with these machines, setting them up and keeping them running smoothly. They can work in a variety of industries that rely on CNC machines for manufacturing, including transportation and electronics.

There are several career paths that someone with a background in CNC machining could pursue, including a job as a CNC mill machinist.1 To find out more about this role, keep on reading.

CNC Mill Machinist Job Description

A CNC mill machinist works with milling machines specifically, as well as other tools like drill presses and revolving lathe tools, to help manufacture components. They are trained to read and interpret blueprints, which they use to program equipment.

The job of a CNC mill machinist requires a high level of precision and accuracy, as they have to be able to operate different machines and use them to produce products that fit certain specifications.

For most CNC mill machinist jobs, duties can include:

  • Setting tool registers, compensation and conditional switches
  • Setting up mills, lathes and grinders
  • Reading computer-aided design (CAD) drawings
  • Interpreting geometric dimensions and tolerances
  • Verifying settings on machines and adhering to quality standards
  • Observing drilling, grooving and cutting
  • Taking measurements and detecting malfunctions
  • Troubleshooting processes
  • Maintaining equipment
  • Documenting and communicating work actions

How to Become a CNC Mill Machinist

CNC mill machinists need a lot of experience and training before they can work with these complex machines. Gaining a general knowledge of CNC machining is the best place to start on the path to a career as a mill machinist.

Attending a trade school like NASCAR Technical Institute can help give you the education you need. The 36-week CNC Machining Technology program was developed to teach students how to work on all different kinds of equipment, as well as other fundamental skills.

With a CNC machining background, you could pursue work in various industries, including medical, transportation, defense, and oil and gas. Aerospace is also an industry that relies heavily on CNC technology — many CNC mill machinists end up working in this field.77

After graduating from trade school, you also might consider testing for additional certifications to add to your resume. The National Institute for Metalworking (NIMS) offers several that can help make you stand out when applying for positions.

Adding these certifications is up to you. Whether you choose to pursue them or not, you can rest assured knowing the courses in NASCAR Tech’s CNC program have helped prepare you for an entry-level career in the industry.

CNC Mill Machinist Salary and Job Outlook

When determining whether a career path might be right for you, knowing general information about things like salary and job outlook can be helpful.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a helpful resource when it comes to looking at data about job growth. This information is more generalized when it comes to CNC machining. There is no specific information for CNC mill machinists, but you can explore the data for CNC tool operators.

According to the information from the BLS, the field of CNC machining is growing. Employers are looking to hire those with the right education and experience.

Get CNC Training at NASCAR Tech

If the role of a CNC mill machinist sounds intriguing to you, you could enroll in the CNC Machining Technology program offered at NASCAR Tech in Mooresville, North Carolina. Once you have a background in CNC machining, you can gain experience that can help you work toward your goals.

Courses can familiarize you with the equipment used in the role and teach you how to operate equipment that you’ll need. Both CNC Milling I and CNC Milling II focus on programming CNC mills, as well as setup and operation.

Learn more by requesting information here, and take the first step toward a future you’re excited about!

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1) NASCAR Technical Institute is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

2) For program outcome information and other disclosures, visit

77) UTI is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary. UTI prepares graduates for entry-level careers using the provided training. UTI graduates’ achievements may vary. Some UTI graduates get jobs within their field of study in positions other than those listed.

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