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Answering 9 Common Questions About Our CNC Machining Program

Jan 29, 2021 ·

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From vehicle brakes and engine parts to wooden furniture and aviation parts, computer numerical control (CNC) machines can create a wide variety of materials. Every item produced by a CNC machine is crafted with incredible precision so that it meets the required specifications for proper use.

While today’s CNC machines are incredibly complex, they can’t do all of this on their own. To run effectively and efficiently, they require the skills of a CNC machinist, who will load the program, set up the machine and monitor it to ensure everything works correctly.

If this sounds like an exciting career path, consider enrolling in a training program. UTI’s CNC Machining Technology program, which is offered at the NASCAR Tech campus in Mooresville, North Carolina, can equip you with the skills to create performance parts and components from raw materials.1

Curious to learn more? Read along as we answer nine of the most common questions we receive about the CNC Machining Technology program. If you’re ready to get started and talk to an Admissions Representative, request information today.

9 Common Questions About Our CNC Machining Program

1. How Long Is the CNC Machining Technology Program?

UTI’s CNC program can be completed in just 36 weeks. Unlike traditional college programs that typically take four years to complete, this program is designed to have you on your way to pursuing a career in less than nine months.

While the time spent training is short, you’ll walk away with an in-depth understanding of the CNC industry and have hands-on skills you can start applying to a career. Your courses will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Basic Machine Shop Skills
  • Mathematics, Materials and Maintenance
  • Interpreting Blueprints/Job Layout
  • Manual Machining Basics
  • CNC Basics
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing)

To learn more about what you’ll learn in each individual class, check out our CNC course guide.

2. Are Certifications Offered Through the CNC Machining Technology Program?

While certification is highly suggested and sometimes required for auto and diesel techs, this isn’t always the case in the CNC industry.

UTI doesn’t offer certifications through the CNC program, but we do follow most of the National Institute of Metalworking Skills’ guidelines to ensure students are learning what the industry requires. For students who choose to pursue certifications, they can do so after graduation and will have a foundation of skills that can be beneficial as they go through the process.

3. What Software Do Students Train on in the Program?

Students in the CNC Machining program train on Mastercam, a leading CAD/CAM software solution used in the industry. Instructors also teach students G-Coding directly into the machines, which they’ll use in the field.

Mastercam isn’t the only brand students will have exposure to in the program. UTI’s CNC program was created in conjunction with Roush Yates, a leading brand in the performance industry, to ensure the curriculum is aligned with industry expectations. Students will also have the chance to work with equipment from Mitee-Bite and Mitsubishi Materials.

4. What Kinds of CNC Machines Does NASCAR Tech Have?

Students in the CNC program mostly train on HAAS CNC machines. Throughout their coursework, they learn how to set up and operate manual machining equipment, as well as how to set up, operate and program CNC machining equipment.

Students program a CNC machine in a UTI lab.

Additionally, students learn to read blueprints, interpret Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, inspect and measure parts, and perform required mathematical computations required of those in the machining industry. A key emphasis is placed on safety to ensure students are equipped to have long, successful careers in the field.

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5. What Tools Do Students Need to Buy?

All of the tools students use while in the CNC machining program are provided by NASCAR Tech, so they don’t need to purchase their own tools. However, students can use UTI’s Snap-on student discount when it comes time to build their tool set after graduation. 

6. Do Students Learn How to Bore Out Engines and Rebuild Them?

The CNC machining program is a general program designed to prepare students for career opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Students in the program don’t specifically learn to bore out engines and rebuild them, but the skills they learn can be applied in an automotive environment if they choose to take that route.

7. Are Jobs in the Field Available to Students as They Go Through School?

UTI and NASCAR Tech are proud to offer Career Services resources. While in school, UTI’s team of local Career Advisors can assist students in their search for a part-time local job that doesn’t interfere with their studies.1 Many manufacturing jobs are full-time, but some students do work in industry jobs as they complete their training.

This team of Career Advisors is also available to students who are seeking employment after graduation. UTI has relationships with national dealerships, distributors and other employers of all sizes across the country to help identify potential jobs for graduates.

8. How Many Axes Does the Program Teach?

The CNC Machining Technology program teaches three axes. This helps to prepare students to pursue entry-level roles in the CNC industry after they graduate.

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9. How Much Does the Program Cost?

Cost is an important factor to consider when looking into any kind of training program. At UTI, there are several ways you may be able to save on your education, including financial aid, scholarships and grants.10

The Financial Aid team at UTI is available to answer any questions and assist you along the way, whether you need help filling out a FAFSA, taking out a loan or applying for scholarships. To determine your financial aid eligibility and out-of-pocket costs associated with going to UTI or any of its schools, use our Tuition Estimator (Net Price Calculator).

Ready to Get Trained?

The CNC Machining Technology program starts every six weeks, so you’re able to get going and prepare for your career sooner. To learn more, visit our program page and request information to get in touch with an Admissions Representative today.

In the meantime, feel free to check out these additional resources:

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1) NASCAR Technical Institute is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

2) For program outcome information and other disclosures, visit

10) Financial aid, scholarships and grants are available to those who qualify. Awards vary due to specific conditions, criteria and state.

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