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Looking for an auto mechanic school near Mesa, Arizona? Nearby UTI Avondale could help you develop fundamental automotive skills!

Auto Mechanic School Near Mesa, AZ

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Looking for an auto mechanic school near Mesa, Arizona? Nearby UTI Avondale could help you develop fundamental automotive skills!

Auto Mechanic School Near Mesa, AZ

Pursuing an automotive career near Mesa, Arizona?

Then you should know where to begin. For many technicians, this means training at an auto mechanic school!

After all, that’s where you can get hands-on training that can help you build a solid technical foundation in automotive technology. Once you develop these skills, you’ll be better prepared to pursue a career in the industry.

If you’re interested in this type of training, consider Universal Technical Institute’s 51-week Automotive Technology training program.7 This program aids aspiring automotive technicians in developing skills that are frequently required in the industry,1 such as engine repair and diagnostics, electrical systems, brakes, steering and suspension, and transmission repair! Through hands-on instruction, students can practice and refine their skills with industry-aligned technologies provided by the program.

Continue reading to find out more! We’ll explain what you can do with a trade education from an automotive school.


To help strengthen their careers, auto mechanics have the option of completing a technical training curriculum. Auto schools can provide both classroom and hands-on training, allowing students to quickly and efficiently learn how to diagnose, maintain and repair automotive vehicles.

Technical instruction found at auto schools also provides students training to become auto mechanics, helping them stay up to date on current automotive trends and developments.

UTI Avondale provides state-of-the-industry auto technician labs, allowing students to get hands-on training on actual vehicles.

Automotive Mechanic School in Arizona: UTI Avondale

UTI’s Avondale automotive school provides state-of-the-industry auto technician labs, allowing students to get hands-on training on actual vehicles before pursuing industry roles.18

Graduates from the Automotive Technology program offered at our Avondale campus receive an associate of occupational studies (AOS) degree, a credential that could help improve their résumés. UTI’s Career Services team can help students prepare for interviews and apply for auto mechanic positions — even years into graduates’ careers!


Automotive technology courses can teach you the technical knowledge and skills needed to pursue your desired trade, allowing you to service cars and trucks safely and effectively. At UTI Avondale, these classes cover a wide range of topics, from basic car maintenance to advanced diagnostics and repair techniques, including:

  • Automotive Engines Service & Repair
  • Automotive Powertrains & Transmissions
  • Vehicle Steering & Suspension Service & Repair

UTI’s core Automotive Technology curriculum also includes classes in service writing and service advising, ensuring that our Automotive program can better meet the diverse skill sets and professional goals of our students.


There are also Avondale programs offered to Automotive students that are designed to teach the knowledge and skills needed to service specific manufacturer brands. These Manufacturer-Specific Advanced Training (MSAT) programs may be paid for by the manufacturer or the student and can potentially lead to opportunities with that manufacturer.15 We also offer a variety of specialized automotive programs at our other UTI campuses.

Here’s a look at the Automotive MSAT programs students can apply for at UTI Avondale:

BMW FastTrack

  • Program duration: 12 weeks8
  • Potential credentials: BMW Associate Level III Certification, 7 factory credentials

The BMW FastTrack program is student paid and teaches students the skills and knowledge required to service BMW vehicles. Students can learn how to use the most recent BMW technology and equipment, as well as gain practical experience operating these resources.

Participants receive BMW Associate Level III Certification after completing this program, which can be presented to potential employers for hiring consideration. This certificate serves as proof of previous auto-related training, which can help graduates pursue automotive jobs.

Ford Accelerated Credential Training (Ford FACT)

  • Program duration: 15 weeks8
  • Potential credentials: Up to 12 Ford instructor-led classroom credentials, 80+ web-based credentials

Student-paid auto mechanic training through the Ford FACT program teaches students how to repair and service Ford and Lincoln vehicles. The programs’ courses also dive deep into engine performance and theory.

Graduates also receive a Ford STARS ID, which tracks their training history and is made available to prospective employers. This allows them to demonstrate completion of a dedicated automotive curriculum, which can aid in their job search with dealerships who may prefer candidates with Ford- and Lincoln-specific training.

Volvo Tekniker Apprentice

  • Program duration: 12 weeks8
  • Potential credentials: 4 certifications

The Volvo Tekniker Apprentice program is manufacturer paid and teaches students how to service Volvo engines. Students learn basic electrical work, essential service tasks, passive safety guidelines and much more.

Graduates earn four certifications recognized by Volvo dealerships nationwide, as well as nationally recognized factory credentials. The program is offered at a Volvo facility in Ridgeville, South Carolina, and at UTI Avondale in Arizona. If you live in Mesa, you’re conveniently close to this exciting training opportunity!

GM Technician Career Training

  • Program duration: 12 weeks8
  • Potential credentials: 11 classroom course credits

The student-paid General Motors (GM) Technician Career Training program helps students develop specific GM vehicle servicing skills. Students become well acquainted with working on some of the industry’s leading engines, including how to diagnose, maintain, and repair this technology.

To clarify, students do not automatically earn certification after graduation. However, because the 11 classroom course credits earned upon program completion are transferable to the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of GM certification, this program may help provide a faster path to GM certification!


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for automotive technicians in the United States was $46,970 in May 2022.25 This means half earned more and half earned less. Keep in mind that salary depends on several factors, including experience, employer, demand and cost of living in the area.

Aspiring technicians can hone key characteristics to help them successfully complete automotive tasks and improve their skills. Most of our grads start out working as entry-level technicians or in other entry-level roles. Some entry-level and advanced automotive careers could include:77




UTI’s Avondale campus is located about 30 miles west of Mesa and is close to Phoenix Raceway — a great place for students to spend their time when not in class. There are also plenty of scenic drives around the Valley of the Sun, including Desert Foothills Scenic Drive and the back way to Prescott through Yarnell if you want to hit the high country.

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Attending an automotive mechanic school is an excellent way to gain the knowledge and skills needed to train to become an auto technician. With hard work and dedication, this learning opportunity could be a great stepping stone toward a career!

If you’re looking for an auto mechanic school near Mesa to help prepare you for an entry-level automotive role, look no further than UTI Avondale! With hands-on instruction delivered by experienced instructors, our curriculum covers state-of-the-industry technologies and methods used in automotive technology today.

Click the button below to request more information about how you can train with us and apply to our auto mechanic school.