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5 Critical Things This NASCAR Tech Instructor Learned by Going for It

Dec 17, 2018 ·

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Nathan Armas is an Automotive instructor at  NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, North Carolina. We asked him to write a letter offering advice to his younger self. What would he do differently? What would he do the same? What are the pitfalls to watch out for?

This is what he wrote...

Dear Nathan,

I am writing in return to your previous letter. As your future self it was interesting to read the struggles you seem to be facing at this time in your life. Looking back on those pivotal high schools years of our life there are a few things I would like to reassure you of, and I hope these pieces of advice will help with some of those daunting decisions you seem to be facing.

1) Feeling Overwhelmed Is Normal

Looking back to where you are now I recall the endless opportunity in front of you. Things like where to apply to college, whether or not to commit to being a college athlete, to take years off school and work to save money, to finish that hot-rod you were probably just working on before reading this letter, or to sell that old hot-rod and travel with the money.

You are also probably contemplating future career paths, things like taking that internship at the architecture firm or becoming a lube tech at the Dodge dealer come to mind I’m sure.

It’s a lot to think about I know. I also know this all seems overwhelming, welcome to being a teenager. So as far as that advice goes let me offer and leave you with this. Do it all! Play baseball, finish the hot-rod, go to college and study hard, work several jobs, save your money, take time off to enjoy everything, and travel whenever you can.

A Labs at NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, North Carolina

2) Do What's In Your Heart and You Can't Go Wrong

The thing about life is that there is no right answer. Do what is in your heart and you can’t go wrong. Be honest, be respectful, be attentive, take advice, and work harder than everyone around you. Above all else don’t let anyone in life pressure you into a decision.

3) Life Is Too Short to Waste It Doing Something You Don't Love

At some point you are going to learn that life is too short to not do what you enjoy. This may require great sacrifice. You may experience heartache, hard times, and moments of sadness. The one thing and can promise is if you follow your passion everything will find a way of working itself out

4) Make the Sacrifices It Takes to Get Where You Want to Go

If you choose to transfer schools and follow the automotive career path you are not wrong. If you have to move across the country to accomplish a goal do it! When it seems harder than expected keep pushing, it will all work out. In the event that those dreams you are chasing don’t work out chase another one, you might be surprised what that dream brings into your life.

5) Give Back

And lastly when the opportunity arises to give back all that you have learned to those who may be chasing the same dream as you, take that opportunity. I will leave you with that and wish you the best.

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