FR9 NASCAR Engines From Roush Yates Engines at NASCAR Tech

Aug 30, 2019 ·
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At Universal Technical Institute, we’re all about keeping pace with today’s ever-evolving transportation industry. Our industry relationships give students access to the same tools and technology used by modern, working technicians, giving them a competitive advantage when applying for entry-level positions in the field.

UTI works with a variety of industry leaders, one of them being Roush Yates Engines—the exclusive engine builder for Ford Performance. Roush Yates Engines plays an important role in the UTI student experience and supports our Power & Performance curriculum, CNC Machining program and now, our NASCAR engine courses.  

Thanks to Roush Yates Engines, NASCAR Technical Institute will be implementing 20 NASCAR FR9 race engines over the next few months. This will revolutionize the NASCAR engine courses and give students the exclusive opportunity to train on these prestigious engines.

Keep reading to learn all about UTI’s relationship with Roush Yates Engines and the FR9 engines coming to the NASCAR Tech campus in Mooresville, NC!

The Relationship Between UTI and Roush Yates Engines

The relationship between Universal Technical Institute and Roush Yates Engines dates back to 2003, when Jack Roush and Robert Yates combined their engine companies with the leadership of Ford Motor Company to create what is now known as Roush Yates Engines. 

Roush Yates Engines was in need of additional talent to grow the company, and they looked to UTI to fill their need for skilled technicians. Since 2004, they have hired 100 UTI graduates, which makes up more than one quarter of their workforce! According to Doug Yates, President and CEO of Roush Yates Engines, “Skilled UTI graduates have driven our company to new heights and for that we are thankful.”  

Roush Yates has also played a critical role in the development of the UTI’s curriculum. In addition to their involvement with NASCAR Tech, Roush Yates Engines worked with UTI to develop the CNC Machining Technology program to meet the high demand for skilled CNC machinists in industries ranging from automotive, aerospace, defense, medical and other high-tech industries. 

Additionally, UTI teamed with Roush Yates Engines to create the Power & Performance courses included in the Automotive Technology program—a student favorite. Based on the modern racing experience, this course gives students the opportunity to gain skills ranging from optimizing vehicle performance to modifying car engines and fuel systems.

The longstanding relationship between UTI and Roush Yates Engines is a win all around. UTI helps to meet the demand for skilled technicians, and Roush Yates Engines supports UTI’s programs by helping to craft curriculum and providing industry equipment for students to train on. 

FR9 Engines Come to NASCAR Tech

NASCAR Tech received 10 NASCAR FR9 race engines from Roush Yates Engines last week, and in the coming months, 10 more engines will be delivered. These FR9 engines are used by all Ford race teams in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup & Xfinity Series and will soon be incorporated into NASCAR Tech’s High-Performance Engines courses.

An image of a FR9 NASCAR Engine from Roush Yates Engines


So why did Roush Yates Engines choose NASCAR Tech? According to Todd English, VP of Business Development and Partner Relations, “Throughout our history of working with UTI, we have seen the benefits of skilled technicians coming through this program.” Roush Yates Engines is heavily involved in the education of UTI students, and it has proven to be a great investment when it comes to growing their workforce.” We thought it was a great opportunity to provide the campus with these engines so the technicians of tomorrow can learn on today’s technology,” he continues.

Updating the curriculum with today’s engine technology will greatly impact the student experience at NASCAR Tech. “Bringing the technology, curriculum and engines up to date is important for all of us as we continue to look for additional skilled graduates out of UTI programs,” Todd says. 

An Inside Look at the FR9 Engine

What makes these engines so special?

The engines arriving at UTI’s Mooresville campus are the Roush Yates Engines NASCAR FR9 engines. The original engine development started in 2007 and there have been various evolutions over time. From a design, development and production standpoint, these are the NASCAR engines that are currently being leveraged and utilized in Roush Yates Engines’ NASCAR racing programs.

Training on these EFI engines will give students a firsthand look at what they’ll experience out in the field. According to Todd, “Students will be training on the today’s technology within the sport, which correlates to the automotive market.”

Training on Cutting-Edge Technology

Having Access to the FR9 engines is exclusive to NASCAR Tech and will revolutionize its engines courses. These engines will be used as state-of-the-industry training aids, giving students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with this technology.

An image of a FR9 NASCAR Engine from Roush Yates Engines at NASCAR Tech in Mooresville, North Carolina


According to John Dodson, UTI’s VP of Business Alliance, the impact of these engines on the campus will be immediate and immense. “When we put these engines on our dynos and run them, students are able to see what is winning NASCAR races at all levels. It’s unparalleled,” he shares.

Students in the courses will be able to take part in the excitement of knowing the engines they’re training on are the same types of engines they’ll be working with in the field. For students looking to pursue careers with a company like Roush Yates Engines, they’ll have the advantage of knowing the technology behind the engines powering winning teams in the motorsports industry.

The willingness of Roush Yates Engines to partner with UTI and its students has had an incredible impact. According to John, “In addition to his passion for motorsports, competing and racing, Doug [Roush Yates Engines President and CEO] has a passion for educating tomorrow’s technicians. We’re fortunate that Doug has become a part of what we do here at UTI. He really cares about our students, the future and preserving the need for quality technical training and the trades.”

An exciting future lies ahead for UTI and Roush Yates Engines as they continue to prepare aspiring technicians for the careers of tomorrow.

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