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Continuing a tradition of industry relationships to help ensure Universal Technical Institute (UTI) students get access to the equipment and trends of the transportation industry, UTI and NASCAR Technical Institute (NASCAR Tech) are thrilled to announce a new alliance between the schools and Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries recently announced it is the preferred supplier of batteries and battery testers for all of UTI's automotive vocational schools on 12 campuses across the country. Students get hands-on experience using these industry-leading products, which are built with the latest technology to power today's vehicles.

“By partnering with UTI, we hope to not only provide the latest technology and curriculum to advance students in their repair education, but also generate awareness around the opportunities enjoyed by most automotive technicians,” says Tracy Honore, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing for Interstate Batteries.

“The transportation industry is experiencing a significant shortage of qualified automotive technicians, a shortage that can be felt throughout the industry,” Tracy continues. “As the No. 1 automotive replacement battery brand, Interstate Batteries wants to take a stand for the technicians of today and tomorrow by raising awareness about a career as a mechanic.”

In addition to providing batteries and related products in the classroom, leaders from Interstate Batteries also will be members of UTI program advisory councils to assist with curriculum development, provide industry insights and offer expertise to help guide classroom instruction.

Through both high-quality products and expert advice, Interstate Batteries is helping ensure UTI and NASCAR Tech students get the comprehensive auto tech training needed, so they are prepared to grow in the automotive industry.

Powering the Classroom Experience

The presence of Interstate Batteries will be a formidable force throughout the UTI and NASCAR Tech campuses. Since each campus has approximately 100 cars and trucks plus training aids like diesel engines and dyno labs, there is a significant need for high-quality batteries and related parts in each vehicle and lab.

“This relationship is taking the technology to the students,” says John Dodson, vice president of business alliances & NASCAR with UTI. “The students are the ones who change those batteries and test those batteries. Not only are they learning about automobiles, but they're learning about the products that keep these cars running on the road. Companies like Interstate Batteries truly want to support the industry and the students.”

John says Interstate Batteries is a great fit for UTI because battery technology and diagnostics are included in automotive training curriculum and classes like Fuel and Ignition Systems, and Electronic Fundamentals and Applications. 

John says battery technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the industry, making batteries essential to feature in curriculum. 

“There are cars that run completely on batteries,” John says. “Today's students are tomorrow's technicians, and they need to understand how the technology has advanced and how to service vehicles that will depend more on battery technology.”

In addition to giving students the opportunity to work with a recognized brand in the automotive industry, John says the relationship with Interstate Batteries improves the classroom experience because of the products' reliability.

“Some of our campuses have up to three training sessions a day: morning, afternoon and evening. We don't have time for vehicles to be down and not available for training,” John says. “With a proven product like Interstate Batteries, we certainly don't have to worry about that. These batteries last a long time and perform at a peak level.”

Committed to Future Auto Technicians

The partnership may be recent, but Interstate Batteries is already working with UTI to generate awareness about the need for automotive technician talent. In July, Interstate Batteries hosted a Twitter chat with UTI during which automotive influencers shared their industry experience with those interested in automotive careers. This #ShiftTheMyth Twitter chat featured some key takeaways, Tracy says:

  • No two mechanics' backgrounds are the same. “Each of the influencers shared their background and brought to light that everyone has a different path to success,” Tracy says. “Just as the opportunities in the industry are constant, so are the paths to joining the industry.”

  • Being a mechanic means more than changing a car battery. “Many people only think of automotive batteries, oil changes and inspections when they think of mechanics, but it's so much more than that,” Tracy says. “As a mechanic, it's important to have critical thinking skills, a desire and passion for the industry, and customer service skills. Cars aren't simple and neither is the work that's done on them.”

  • The industry is ever-changing. “With electric cars on the rise, some might think mechanics will be out of work, but this couldn't be further from the truth,” Tracy says. “All cars — even electric ones — will still break down, and it's up to mechanics to be able to fix them. As technology changes and time passes, one thing is clear: A skilled mechanic will always be in demand.”

To learn more about the equipment, technology and vehicles that power UTI and NASCAR Tech labs and classrooms, visit here.

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