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9 Important Questions to Answer Before Going to UTI

Jul 21, 2020 ·

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Thinking about enrolling at Universal Technical Institute (UTI)?

If you have a passion for the skilled trades and dream of one day becoming a technician, you’ll feel right at home at UTI. Whether you’re drawn to the automotive industry, love the intricate and creative world of welding, or see yourself pursuing a career in the diesel industry, there’s something here for you.1 

In order to set yourself up for success and make the most out of your training, there are a handful of critical questions you should answer first. Keep reading to learn 9 questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re making the right decision for your goals and future.

1. What Program Am I Interested In?

The first step in choosing any school is to determine the type of program you want to complete. If your goal is to become an estimator at an auto body repair shop, for example, you’ll want to make sure your school of choice offers some kind of collision repair training.

UTI offers seven core programs:  

Students looking to diversify their skill set may also complete UTI’s Automotive/ Diesel Technology program, which offers core diesel courses in addition to core automotive training.

While each is a UTI program, note the CNC Machining, Motorcycle and Marine programs are offered at NASCAR Technical Institute, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) and Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI), respectively. NASCAR Tech and the two MMIs fall under UTI’s family of schools.

Be sure to take the time to research the program you choose — including the courses you’ll take, the length of the program, the location(s) where it’s available and the certifications you can earn. Knowing this information can help you feel confident in your decision and set you on the right path toward your desired career.

2. What Transcripts Will I Need to Provide?

In addition to picking your program, you’ll want to ensure you meet the admissions requirements and have the documentation necessary to enroll at your school of choice.

To be officially enrolled at UTI, students must supply and UTI must accept one of the following documents:

  • Standards-based high school diploma recognized by the student’s state
  • State-issued GED or state-authorized equivalent exam
  • Evidence of having previously attended a Title IV-eligible program at a postsecondary institution
  • Successful completion of a degree program at the postsecondary level
  • Successful completion of an officially recognized home schooling program

This is a general list of the types of documentation you can provide. Note that students in certain states are required to submit copies of their official high school transcripts instead of copies of their high school diplomas.23

To learn more, visit the Admissions Requirements page on our website. If you have any questions related to eligibility requirements, contact one of our Admissions Representatives.

3. How Much Will It Cost? What Is the Tuition of My Specific Program?

Cost is one of the most important things to consider before starting any type of training. Knowing what you will be responsible for financially can help you plan and make arrangements accordingly.

UTI tuition varies depending on the specific program you choose. You can find more information on our Tuition page or by utilizing our free Tuition Estimator, which can help you determine financial aid eligibility and any out-of-pocket costs associated with going to UTI.

Additionally, you can always reach out to a Financial Aid Representative who can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. When it comes to finances, UTI is all about transparency. We want you to have all of the necessary information upfront so you can feel at ease and focus on your training!

4. Have I Applied for UTI scholarships?

Scholarships are amazing ways to help lower the cost of your tuition. Before starting your training, it’s important to ensure you’ve taken some time to research and apply for scholarships that may be available to you.10

UTI will make more than $15 million in sponsored scholarships and grant money available to students in 2022! On our Scholarships & Grants page, you can find a wide variety of scholarships offered by UTI and others, from the Imagine America scholarship for high school seniors to the Work Ethic Scholarship Program from the mikeroweWORKS Foundation.

In addition to this, UTI offers several resources to support you in your search, including scholarship tips and a step-by-step guide to apply. If you need help choosing what scholarships to seek or have questions about a specific scholarship, contact our Financial Aid department by calling (800) 859-7249 or emailing

Financial aid can be another way to lower the cost of tuition for those who qualify. If you’re applying for financial aid, check out our FAFSA resources page or schedule an appointment with one of our FA Support Specialists by calling (844) 338-0032. Our team is here to help! 

5. When Do Classes Start? Have I Downloaded UTI’s Calendar With Important Dates?

At UTI, you may be able to begin your program sooner than you think. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to learn the skills you need to begin your career as soon as possible.

Course start dates vary depending on the program and campus you choose. To learn more, download our calendars, which display start dates, graduation dates and holidays. This can help give you a general idea of when you may be able to start and complete your training.

6. Have I Made Housing Arrangements?

Before starting your training, it’s important to secure your UTI housing. If preparing for your career is going to require you to relocate, we’re here to help with the process. 

Whether you will be coming on your own or will be bringing your family, our Housing Assistance team can work with you to find accommodations that suit your needs. UTI has relationships with student housing companies that can help you to find living arrangements close to campus.

Not only is living near campus convenient, but it also provides an opportunity to get involved with the community and meet other like-minded students. Liana Acevedo, a motorcycle technician who graduated from MMI, became close friends with her roommate and still keeps in touch with her today. Check out Liana’s inspiring story on our blog.

7. How Do I Access My UTI Student Email?

Once enrolled at UTI, your student email will be the way you receive important updates and connect to Blackboard Ultra. Student emails can be accessed through the Outlook app, iOS Mail app or Android email app, depending on your preferences and the device you’re using.

Setting up your student email is simple with just a few specific steps. If you’re wondering how to get started, check out our how-to guide on the UTI website. There, you will also find guides on how to reset your email password, how to set up Blackboard Ultra and more. If you have further questions, you can always reach out to tech support.

8. Do I Want to Work Part-Time While Completing My Program?

Many UTI students work part-time jobs while they complete their program. Not only is this a way to offset living expenses, it can also be a great way to gain work experience to add to your résumé. UTI has local Career Advisors at each campus who can help you to find a local job with a schedule that doesn’t interfere with your training. 1

Additionally, students enrolled in select programs at UTI and NASCAR Tech may be eligible for the Early Employment Program, an initiative that gives students the opportunity to gain industry experience while they complete their training.36 If you fall into this category, reach out to one of our Career Advisors to learn more.

9. What Do I Want to Accomplish in My Career?

Some of the most successful UTI graduates begin their training with a long-term career goal in mind.

For example, UTI grad Nestor Martinez dreamed of working for Rush Truck Centers before he even came to UTI. He knew that in order to get there, he needed to complete UTI’s diesel training program . He also was accepted into the Peterbilt Technician Institute program, which helped him gain a specialized set of skills.15

Nestor worked incredibly hard during his time at UTI, and shortly after graduating, he signed on with Rush Truck Centers. He started as an entry-level technician and today he’s a Level 4 technician.5 Nestor has already accomplished amazing things in his career — and he’s just getting started. 

No matter what path you choose to pursue at UTI — whether it’s automotive, welding, collision repair or diesel like Nestor — always be looking ahead. When you stay focused on your goals and work hard, opportunities can come your way.

Before starting your journey at UTI, take some time to ask yourself these important questions. Also be sure to check out our list of answers to common questions we receive on social media and 13 questions to answer when choosing a trade school. The more prepared you are, the better your chances for success!

Prepare for Your Future at UTI

UTI’s core training programs are designed to provide you with the skills in demand by today’s employers. 2 To learn more about what a future at UTI could look like for you, request information to get in touch with one of our Admissions Representatives today.

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1) UTI is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

2) For program outcome information and other disclosures, visit

5) UTI programs prepare graduates for careers in industries using the provided training, primarily as automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technicians. Some UTI graduates get jobs within their field of study in positions other than as a technician, such as: parts associate, service writer, fabricator, paint and paint prep, and shop owner/operator. UTI is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

10) Financial aid, scholarships and grants are available to those who qualify. Awards vary due to specific conditions, criteria and state.

15) Manufacturer-paid advanced training programs are conducted by UTI on behalf of manufacturers who determine acceptance criteria and conditions. These programs are not part of UTI’s accreditation. Programs available at select locations.

23) Prior to starting or re-enrolling, Tennessee residents attending the Orlando or Houston campus must provide official high school transcripts, GED scores or state-authorized equivalent exam scores. In addition, all students attending the NASCAR Tech campus must provide official high school transcripts, GED scores or state-authorized equivalent exam scores prior to starting or re-enrolling.

36) Students enrolled in select UTI programs are eligible to apply for the Early Employment Program. Participating employers will contact selected applicants to conduct interviews. Hiring, employee retention and compensation decisions are made solely by the prospective employer. Employer participation and program details are subject to change. For additional information, please contact Career Services. UTI is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

Universal Technical Institute of Illinois, Inc. is approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


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