125 Important Diesel Mechanic Tools (Actually, More)

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Good diesel mechanic work requires high-quality diesel mechanic tools. If you're studying Universal Technical Institute's (UTI) diesel technician training program, you may be wondering what diesel mechanic tool set you'll need to succeed in the field once you graduate.

We've created this diesel mechanic tools list, informed by some of the biggest diesel brands in the world. You can start adding to your tool list for diesel mechanics while you're still in school, so once you start applying for jobs, you're better prepped for what's to come.

Diesel Mechanic Tools List

Schneider provides truckload, logistics and intermodal services. Below are the tools the company recommends for its diesel mechanics, along with some other diesel mechanic tools and variations of what Schneider recommends. We've added those in italics so you have an idea of what various heavy equipment machinery and diesel engine manufacturers might be looking for.

You'll want a cart or rolling toolbox that efficiently separates your tools so they're easy to locate and use.


  • ¼-inch to ⅜-inch
  • ¼-inch to ½-inch
  • ⅜-inch to ¼-inch
  • ⅜-inch to ½-inch
  • ½-inch to ⅜-inch
  • ½ to ¼-inch
  • ½-inch to ¾-inch
  • ¾-inch to ½-inch

Allen Drivers

  • Standard 3/32-inch to ⅜-inch and metric 3-millimeter to 17-millimeter
  • Standard Allen wrench set .05-inch to ⅜-inch
  • Metric Allen wrench set 2-millimeter to 12-millimeter

¼-Inch Drive Socket Set

  • Standard (shallow and deep, SAE) 3/16-inch to ⅝-inch
  • Metric (shallow and deep) 5-millimeter to 15-millimeter
  • Standard depth 3/16-inch to ½-inch
  • Deep 3/16-inch to ½-inch
  • Standard depth 4-millimeter to 13-millimeter
  • Deep 4-millimeter to 13-millimeter
  • Short, medium, long extensions
  • Ratchet handle
  • Universal joint

⅜-Inch Drive Sockets

  • Standard (SAE, deep, shallow and impact) 5/16-inch to 1-inch
  • Metric (deep, shallow and impact) 7-millimeter to 20-millimeter
  • Standard depth 12 Point ⅜-inch to ¾-inch
  • Deep 6 point ⅜-inch to ¾-inch
  • Standard depth 10-millimeter to 19-millimeter
  • Deep 10-millimeter to 19-millimeter
  • Short, medium, long extensions
  • Ratchet handle
  • Universal joint
  • ⅜-inch to ¾-inch Sq Dr flexible socket
  • 0-250-inch-lb. torque wrench

½-Inch Drive Sockets

  • Standard (SAE, deep, shallow and impact) ⅜-inch to 1 ¼-inch
  • Metric (deep, shallow and impact) 10-millimeter to 27-millimeter
  • Shallow ½-inch to 1⅛-inch
  • Deep ½-inch to 1⅛-inch
  • Shallow 13-millimeter to 32-millimeter
  • Deep 13-millimeter to 32-millimeter
  • Sq Dr stud remover tool
  • Breaker bar
  • Short, medium, long extensions
  • Ratchet handle
  • Universal joint
  • 0-250-foot-lb. torque wrench


  • 2-inch
  • 6-inch
  • 12-inch
  • 24-inch (optional for reaching transmission bellhousing bolts)

Feeler Gauge Set

  • Red handle for exhaust
  • Blue handle for intake


  • Dead blow
  • Ball-peen (16 ounce and 24 ounce)
  • 4 to 5 lb. sledgehammer
  • Plastic 2.5-lb. h. d.


  • ½-inch
  • ⅜-inch
  • ¼-inch (battery- or air-powered)


  • Auto-ranging
  • Digital read-out


  • Standard
  • Adjustable
  • Needle nose
  • Vise-grip set
  • Adjustable joint
  • Locking
  • Side cutters
  • Slip-joint
  • Snap ring
    • Small reversible
    • Large reversible
    • Flat with 1¾-inch minimum opening
  • Brake spring
  • Battery nut

Pry Bar Set

  • Small 1-foot
  • Medium 2-foot
  • Large 3-foot


  • ½-inch standard ratchet
  • ⅜-inch standard ratchet
  • ¼-inch standard ratchet
  • Breaker bar


  • Philips (short, medium, long)
  • Flatheads
  • 1-inch #2
  • 6-inch #1
  • 6-inch #2
  • 1-foot #3
  • Blade type: 1-inch, 6-inch, 9-inch, 1-foot, offset

Torque Bit Drivers

  • T10
  • T15
  • T20
  • T25
  • T27
  • T20
  • T40
  • T45 (medium and long shaft drivers)

Wiring Equipment

  • Crimping tool
  • Wire stripping tool
  • Wire cutters
  • Handheld torch


  • Standard (SAE), 5/16-inch to 1¼-inch
  • Metric, 8-millimeter to 22-millimeter
  • Combination standard ⅜-inch to 1¼-inch
  • Combination metric 6-millimeter to 26-millimeter
  • Flare nut standard ⅜-inch to ¾-inch
  • Flare nut metric 7-millimeter to 19-millimeter
  • Adjustable 1-inch to 8-inch
  • Adjustable 1-inch to 1-foot
  • Torx wrench set T-15 to T-55
  • Pipe wrench 10-inch or 14-inch
  • 20-inch reversing chain wrench
  • Filter wrench


  • 12-inch fine
  • 12-inch coarse
  • Round
  • Half-round
  • 6-inch triangle


  • Pin 3/16-inch to ⅜-inch
  • Center 5-inch
  • Cold chisel
    • ⅜-inch blade to 5-inch length
    • ⅝-inch blade to 6-inch length
    • ⅞-inch blade to 7-inch length
  • Starter 3/16-inch to ⅜-inch
  • Brass punch

Feeler Gauges

  • .005-inch to .05-inch
  • .005-millimeter to .07-millimeter

Other Items for a Diesel Mechanic Tool Set

More items you might want to add to a tool list for diesel mechanics include:

  • 12-foot measuring tape
  • 15-inch aligning bar
  • Adjustable all-angle inspection mirror
  • Battery post cleaner
  • Battery terminal clamp puller
  • Cotter key extractor
  • Crimp/stripper tool
  • Dial caliper
  • Drill bits 1/16-inch to ½-inch
  • Extractor set (broken bolt)
  • Flashlight
  • Flexible retrieving and holding tool
  • Gasket scraper 1-inch wide
  • Hacksaw
  • Hearing protection
  • Knife
  • Magnetic pickup tool (telescoping)
  • O-ring pick set
  • Rolling head pry bar
  • Safety glasses
  • Set starter – jumper wires with clips
  • Tire air chuck
  • Tire gauge (truck-type)
  • Valve core replacement tool
  • Wire brush
  • Work gloves

Start Building Your Diesel Tool Set

This is a long list, but you may not need all the tools on this list for your future employer. Some employers may even provide certain tools. It can help to contact employers you're interested in to see what they require.

Also, take advantage of employer visits on your UTI campus. You can talk directly with employers about what they recommend you start with. Our diesel instructors are great resources, too.

As diesel mechanics retire, many offer to sell their tools to the next generation. Ask around in your networks and look online for lower-cost tools that are still high-quality.

When you study diesel at UTI, you don't have to worry about purchasing tools while you're in school. We provide everything you need with equipment you'd use out in the field.

Learn more about UTI's diesel technician training program's equipment technology.

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