Universal Technical Institute Opens Campus in Bloomfield, NJ

Jun 27, 2018 ·
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Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is thrilled to announce the debut of its Bloomfield, New Jersey, campus. The new campus focused on automotive and diesel technician training will be beneficial to students in the tri-state area, including metro New York, because of its convenient, centralized location that's close to public transportation. Classes are scheduled to begin in fall 2018.

The new technology-fueled automotive trade school campus covers 108,000 square feet and includes 14 classrooms and 15 training labs. Students will learn the diesel and automotive techniques through hands-on lessons, so they can successfully enter the growing job market that’s in need of trained technicians. “There is no better time to get into the industry, because of the very high demand for technicians,” says Regional Admissions Director Kevin Gero.

New Campus Meets Growing Technician Need

The Bloomfield location is the 12th UTI campus in the United States and the first UTI campus in the New York metro area.

Campus President Steve McElfresh says the response to the new school for mechanics from local automotive and diesel businesses already has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The employers are as excited as students that we're coming to town,” says McElfresh. “There's a need for techs in the New Jersey and New York market,” McElfresh says, citing businesses like Crown Lift Trucks and Penske looking forward to the new campus opening.

Nationwide, many opportunities for an automotive or diesel technician exist. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the average number of job openings for auto service technicians to be 75,900 annually between 2016 and 2026.

For diesel service technicians, the number is expected to be 28,300 jobs during the same period.12 Studying at UTI-Bloomfield will be ideal for students who:

  • Enjoy working or want to work with automotive vehicles or diesel machinery
  • Love hands-on work
  • Want to enter an industry that offers job opportunities
  • Want a career that relies on professionals to satisfy customers through exceptional service

Students who begin their careers as entry-level technicians may later become lead technicians or service managers at a wide variety of businesses, including dealerships.6

One of the advantages of the UTI programs is that students are connected to a rich network of manufacturers of more than 30 brands that influence the curriculum and add postings to the UTI job board.

“I tell our students at orientation (about the need since) I don't think they realize how many opportunities are out there,” McElfresh says.

Hands-on classrooms inside the Bloomfield, NJ UTI campus

Benefits of an Education at UTI-Bloomfield

UTI-Bloomfield will ensure students learn the most in-demand skills for automotive and diesel technicians, with input from leading brands on the vital knowledge that technicians need.

In the Automotive Technology II, Diesel Technology II, and Automotive and Diesel Technology II training programs, students will be able to practice what they learn in a supportive environment, with courses including:

  • Automotive Climate Control Systems & Repair
  • Automotive Engines Service & Repair
  • Automotive Powertrains & Transmissions
  • Diesel Hydraulic Systems
  • Gasoline & Diesel Engines Service & Repair
  • Hybrid Vehicle Systems Maintenance
  • Vehicle Braking Systems
  • Vehicle Electronic Systems & Technology

Graduates of the school for mechanics will be prepared to complete examinations for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. Program completion can be substituted for one of the two years of work experience required for ASE certification.

In addition to the high standard of excellence in courses taught by experienced instructors with real-world knowledge, one of UTI's defining traits is the emphasis of professionalism. Part of students' grades depend on exhibiting professionalism, which benefits them once they enter the field.

“I've interviewed a lot of folks who say UTI candidates stand out, which I think is because of the professionalism,” McElfresh says. “For us, it's not just about them getting the job. It's about them keeping the job.”

During their courses, students are graded not just on classwork, lab work and interactive online learning, but also attendance and professionalism, including factors such as punctuality and attitude. Students can expect to be guided by instructors who care about graduates' futures.

“All of our employees are trained to be mentors to our students,” McElfresh says. “We look for people who have been in the industry and who have a passion for the industry. We're all responsible for helping students make that transition from orientation to graduation day.”

Get Information on UTI-Bloomfield

Potential applicants who want to learn more about how studying automotive training at UTI-Bloomfield can help accelerate their future are encouraged to contact the campus to learn more. McElfresh says students can be confident in the support they'll receive on campus.

“We want them to know this is a partnership,” McElfresh says. “The end goal is to get our students ready for jobs. What's most impressive about our students—and there are so many who have passion for this industry—is that they actually go into an industry doing what they love. Everything we teach them is going to be relevant when they go out into the industry. You're going to use what you learn.”

The UTI-Bloomfield campus is at 1515 Broad Street in Bloomfield, New Jersey. If you are interested in applying, please call 833-207-6077 for more information or visit You can also request information online.

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