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Powering Potential: Diesel Instructor Anna Feroci-Schroeder Shares Her Passion With the Next Generation


Life is a journey, and for Anna Feroci-Schroeder, that journey took her to running away from home at 20 and joining the Coast Guard. During that time, Anna discovered something: She had a passion for diesel engines, and an even greater passion for helping others learn it too.

“When I got out of the Coast Guard, I was kind of at the point where I was like, ‘What do I actually really want to do and what makes me happy,’” says Anna. “And then I realized, ‘You know what? Maybe because of what I learned in the industry already, I can teach other guys learn how to do this.’”

Now, she's sharing that passion with students as a diesel instructor at Universal Technical Institute (UTI).

“Just watching students learn new things and being proud of themselves that they could do that, I love watching them figure it out, and I can, that’s what I’m doing right now,” she shares.

Planes, Trains and Boats: The Versatility of Diesel

One of the most exciting parts of teaching for Anna? Showing students the sheer breadth of possibilities within the diesel industry.

"These engines don’t necessarily have to be for a semi truck... It’s so much more: boats, trains, planes, buses, hospitals,” explains Anna. “Anything that needs electricity, that is a generator. Because generators make electricity, that’s a diesel engine.”

Learning From Decades of Experience: UTI instructors

At UTI, Anna isn't the only top-notch instructor, as she puts it.

"We have great instructors," she says. "They’re so smart, they have so many years behind them."

UTI instructors guide students as they learn hands-on in 45 weeks of diesel training to build students’ base knowledge from the ground up.7,18 Students delve into teaching them how to diagnose, repair and replace like a true big engine professional.1 From there, students can move on to specialized advanced training on diesel trucks and engines from leading brands.11

Anna's advice to anyone considering a career in the diesel industry?

"Honestly, go for it. My advice is go for it."

Get Diesel Training at UTI

If you're ready to turn your passion into training, take Anna's advice and take the leap. You’ll get to train hands-on with passionate instructors and can complete training in less than a year. You can learn more about diesel training here.

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