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Explore Opportunities in Robotics & Automation: Tammy Sundby


In the words of Tammy Sundby, vice president of service for ZEISS North America, on the robotics and automation industry, “There’s nothing like watching a technician go into a situation with troubleshooting skills and solving that. Seeing that accomplishment and making something that was broken work again.”

For someone who enjoys working with their hands to solve problems or automate processes, our 51-week Robotics & Automation Technician training program could be a great fit!1

Tammy has witnessed firsthand how our graduates have transformed into valuable assets within their teams at ZEISS. Her experience delivering quality solutions for customers across various sectors has provided her with the opportunity to hire employees who can aid in this mission. She explains, "ZEISS looks for technicians with a diverse and strong background in electrical or mechanical foundation.”

Students in the program learn electrical, mechanical and programming skills including programmable logic controller – which is valued by the industry – as well as 3D printing, industrial networking, instrumentation and control and more.

“Because the curriculum is so diverse, it really gives them a leg up in the training to understand the concepts and then utilize that when they go out into the field, working with the customers,” says Tammy. It's this strong foundational knowledge that has helped graduates prepare to enter the field.

Another reason why employers like ZEISS have hired our graduates is because we prioritize training how the industry does. That means staying up to date with industry trends and training students on tools and technology found in the field by creating brand relationships with both local and national employers.

“The fact that MIAT works together with local industries to talk about the new technologies and bring that into their curriculum has been a huge benefit to ZEISS,” Tammy emphasizes.

These relationships help to ensure that graduates have hands-on experience training with industry technologies, preparing them for the field.

But what industries need robotics and automation technicians? According to Tammy, she says, “There are so many opportunities out there in the industrial industry and electronics, automation, robots, even new EV segments that are out there.”

ZEISS, for example, has clients from all types of industries. From automotive to aerospace, industrial, and medical, and ZEISS doesn’t seem to be slowing down their hiring efforts. The market “is growing constantly and changing," as Tammy puts it.

 “Zeiss is constantly recruiting new employees and sees this as a yearly effort," she states.

In her final note, Tammy encourages those who are interested in a career in robotics and automation to "keep an open mind.” The future is bright for this industry and technician training could be a stepping stone toward a career in this exciting field!

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