Wind Turbine Technician School (MIAT)

Train to become a wind turbine technician in less than a year.1

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Wind Turbine Technician School (MIAT)

Train to become a wind turbine technician in less than a year.1

Wind Turbine Program Overview

Nowadays, more and more emphasis is being placed on generating cost-efficient, environmentally friendly energy sources. This has created a variety of career avenues that can be pursued in the energy industry. In just 7 months, students in MIAT’s Wind Power Technician training program gain the knowledge and hands-on skills needed to become wind turbine technicians.1

7 months From start to finish
2 campuses MIAT locations to train

Wind Turbine Service Technician Training

Wind turbine technicians inspect and service wind turbine towers. This is typically done by climbing a ladder inside the turbine or riding an elevator to the desired working height. In some cases, they’re lifted by helicopter!

Students in MIAT’s program learn the skills they need to feel confident working in entry-level positions.1 As they gain skills and experience, potential career paths may include:

  • Wind turbine construction technician
  • Control room operator
  • Assistant switchgear / power tech
  • Service technician
  • Wind technician
  • Test technician
  • Travelling wind technician
  • Composite repair
  • Commissioning wind tech
  • Mechanical wind tech
  • Electrical wind tech
  • Construction wind tech


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Wind Turbine Courses

In this program, you’ll take a variety of courses to build your skill set:

  • Energy Industrial Fundamentals and Safety Compliance
  • Math, OSHA-10 and First Aid
  • Applied Physics and Precision Measuring
  • DC and AC Basic Electricity
  • Advanced Electrical Theory
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Wind Technology and Components
  • Wind Turbine Operation
  • Climb and Rescue

Frequently Asked Questions

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