Suzuki FAST Overview

Factory Authorized Suzuki Training

MMI’s exclusive Suzuki FAST training is a 12-week elective program with a curriculum developed in partnership with Suzuki Technical Support and updated regularly to incorporate the most recent technology.


FAST students also have the ability to access all Suzuki ServicePRO® dealer training required to achieve Bronze Technician Recognition level. Graduates receive six months of tenure credit toward their Bronze level certification, cutting the amount of time required to become certified in half. Students also have the opportunity to work on Sliver and Gold level modules while in the FAST program. They receive Silver recognition, they have to work in a Suzuki dealership for 6 months, and for Gold, the period is 1 year.
MMI Students Learn on Suzuki Sport Bikes and Dirt Bikes
Access to Sport Bikes, Dirt Bikes and ATVs in Suzuki FAST Program


What You'll Learn

  • FAST: Section 1
  • Examine the history of Suzuki and its significant technological contributions to the industry as well as its regional service organization and dealership network.

  • FAST: Section 2
  • Learn the principles, skills and techniques involved in troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing engines and drivetrains.

  • FAST: Section 3
  • Explore all facets of servicing electrical systems on Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs.

  • FAST: Section 4
  • Learn the skills that are essential to the success of entry-level technicians at dealership, including Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs.

Jumpstart Your Career

FAST students graduate with solid shop experience, MMI training and a leg up on achieving Suzuki Bronze certification and eligibility for an exciting career working on Suzuki motorcycles.
Suzuki Motorcycle Mechanic Training Lab at MMI
Students In MMI Suzuki Training Lab


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