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About the UTI Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Campus

Jesus Miranda started working for UTI as a data entry specialist in the Financial Aid department when he was just 18.

Fast-forward 20 years, and he now serves as campus president at Universal Technical Institute Dallas. Jesus moved up the UTI ranks in various roles, cultivating essential leadership skills that inspire his team today.

“When I started with the company it was a job, and I loved it, but it was a job, a means to an end,” says Jesus, who has been campus president at UTI Dallas/Fort Worth since 2013 and with the school since it opened in 2010.

“It didn’t take very long until it became a passion, and then it became a career. For me, I can’t imagine working anywhere else or doing anything else because I get to work with people I enjoy working with and help students change their lives.”

When UTI Dallas/Fort Worth first opened, the goal was to enroll more than 650 students. Since then, UTI Dallas/Fort Worth has seen a peak of more than 950 students, who take classes in core programs for Automotive, Diesel, and Welding technology, as well as the Peterbilt Motors Company Manufacturer-Specific Advanced Training program.11

UTI Dallas/Fort Worth accommodates students in 28 classrooms and labs across a nearly 60,000-square foot campus. Employers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area partner with the campus to inform curriculum and hire students both while they’re in school and after graduation.1

Teaching for More Than a Paycheck

The classroom experience at UTI Dallas/Fort Worth is different from many four-year colleges. Instructors come directly from the industry, which allows them to incorporate real-world experience and application in the classroom. Some have spent decades in their respective industries!

Before Education Manager Kevin Renner came to UTI Dallas/Fort Worth in 2010 as an automotive instructor, he was in the service industry for 23 years. “Giving back turned out to be a great idea,” Kevin says. “I absolutely love what I do for the first time in my life. I used to love the car business when I got started, but business is business. I fell in love with teaching. UTI is unique from anything I’ve experienced in my life in the business I was in.”

Each instructor at the UTI Dallas/Fort Worth campus has an incredible passion for this industry — in fact, there are still several instructors there who were hired when the campus originally opened.

“We take this personally,” Kevin says. “Every chair, every tool box, every desk is there because we put it there. We built this basically from the ground up, so we have a great sense of ownership.”

While students at UTI Dallas/Fort Worth can feel confident they'll be taught by highly skilled technicians, Jesus says the difference in the training staff goes far beyond industry expertise. It’s all about passion.

“When we hire people, we hire for attitude and train for skill, and that goes for our instructors,” Jesus says. “We hire people who care about other people. Our instructors aren’t just people who clock in and clock out. They’re invested in our students’ success.”

“That helps them make an impression on our students,” Jesus continues. “Many are mentors as instructors or help students as they go out on their careers. Students don’t just graduate and never talk to instructors again. Our instructors are not just here for a paycheck.”

The instructors at UTI Dallas/Fort Worth are committed to going the extra mile for their students, providing them with the training and support they need to feel confident as they prepare for a career.

Industry Support

In addition to the mentorship students can find in instructors on campus, one of the ways UTI Dallas/Fort Worth stands out is for its abundance of relationships with manufacturers in the area. Twice a year, around 20 employers meet with UTI Dallas/Fort Worth staff for program advisory committee meetings.

Employers give thorough feedback on curriculum, observe classroom instruction and critique UTI operations so the campus can keep improving for students. This feedback ensures the campus meets industry standards and provides students with top-of-the-line training.

“What I hear from them is that we teach professionalism,” says Ruth Cayler, executive assistant to the campus president and people services coordinator at UTI Dallas/Fort Worth. “We have a constant flux of employers on campus. We can't graduate students fast enough.”

“We’ve got the premiere dealerships in the Dallas area that want our students,” Ruth adds. “It's a big incentive to students to see employers on campus and know they want to hire our students. We have a great employment services team. Most of our students have jobs when they graduate.”6

Jesus says there are several hundred students from the Dallas/Fort Worth area every year who come to UTI, get trained and go back and work in the local industry. About half of these students come from out of state, and UTI Dallas/Fort Worth provides housing assistance for those making the area their temporary home. Employment services are also available for students who want to work while they study here at UTI.

“The job market around the country is hot, but in the DFW area, it’s super-strong,” Jesus says. “We have more jobs and employers for students than any other time I’ve worked at UTI. If the student's desire is to work after school, this is a great place to be. Any of our students who want to work in the industry have the opportunity. It’s especially the case here.”

UTI’s industry relationships can open doors to exciting opportunities for students who have a passion for the field.

All-in Investment

Ruth credits the open-door policy the UTI Dallas/Fort Worth campus promotes for enabling student success and creating a supportive environment among staff. In turn, this creates a dynamic classroom experience where instructors can share their passion and students can learn.

“We do anything it takes to make our students be successful and our staff be successful on campus,” Ruth says. “What I’ve heard from other people is that our culture at this campus is really unique. We are really a family here, and I mean that in all sincerity. We are really just a close-knit group of people who care about one another and care about our students.”

In addition to the fun students can have in the classroom, UTI Dallas/Fort Worth also sponsors various community events. From coordinating volunteer efforts with organizations like the North Texas Food Bank to sponsoring drag races at Texas Motor Speedway, UTI Dallas/Fort Worth fosters a caring community both on and off campus.

Those who are considering UTI Dallas/Fort Worth don’t just have an exciting career to look forward to. At any point in their technician journey, they’re sure to get the assistance they need every step of the way.

“Everyone here has to have 100% buy-in for what we're trying to do,” Kevin says. “We all buy into our mission, and that’s changing lives one student at a time. I’ve seen students come into this school who would barely talk, and they leave as one of the most talkative, outgoing individuals, walking across that graduation stage with the biggest smile. We care about your future, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure you get the best possible education you can.”

The UTI Dallas/Fort Worth campus has come a long way since its opening — and we can expect to see more exciting advancements as the team continues to carry out its mission!

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