For almost 15 years, Universal Technical Institute in Sacramento, California, has trained skilled automotive and diesel technicians. However, campus president Tess Dubois-Carey believes there is more to education than what’s learned in the classroom.

Understanding the inner workings of machines is one thing, but learning how to contribute to the community is another. At UTI Sacramento, the student experience is anything but ordinary.

The campus, which was built in 2006, is more than 128,000 square feet and is equipped with industry-standard tools and technology. UTI Sacramento offers an environment for students to train, learning from passionate instructors who are committed to success. However, students also have the opportunity to take their learning outside of the classroom by getting involved with the local community.

This combination of hands-on training and community involvement prepares students to become skilled technicians and valuable members of society who are dedicated to giving back and serving others.

Core Curriculum and Advanced Courses

UTI Sacramento offers three core technical programs: Automotive Technology and Diesel Technology, with Welding Technology coming to the campus. Each program includes hands-on learning in our labs on state-of-the-industry equipment.

In addition to the core curriculum, UTI Sacramento offers the Ford FACT specialized training program for those who choose to take their skills to a dealership or service center.

Graduates of specialized training programs are extremely valuable to manufacturers, as specialized technicians are often sought after.5

Working for a manufacturer at a dealership or service center can help open a variety of doors for UTI graduates. Many will have the option to work in different areas of the country, allowing them to service some of the most advanced driving machines on the road.

Learning Outside the Classroom

The staff at UTI Sacramento believes that teaching and learning should extend beyond the walls of the classroom, and even beyond the borders of the campus.

As one of the leading educational institutions in the city, UTI Sacramento attempts to share lessons outside the classroom as much as possible; mostly teaching in the form of community service projects and volunteer opportunities.

“Our involvement in the community is pretty significant. We can’t get involved with everything, but certainly we participate at a pretty high level,” Dubois-Carey says.

Dubois-Carey has helped UTI lead a number of community service projects. From raising money for an elementary school for homeless children to building ties with the prominent Slavic community, UTI’s administration has helped foster compassion and tolerance throughout the city.

While raising funds for a new playground for a local elementary school, Dubois-Corey learned she and her team would be installing the structure as well. She was even the one who dug holes for the playground supports. Everyone was happy to lend a hand both monetarily and in actually helping with construction.

Whether it’s the professionalism they embrace throughout their campuses or participating in community outreach, students and staff at UTI Sacramento like to lead by example. Along with their technical knowledge, Dubois-Carey hopes each UTI student graduates with a desire to serve.

Student Success

Dubois-Carey wants her students to succeed, and she helps ensure they have the resources and training that can make them successful professionals. Students at UTI Sacramento can benefit from a variety of student support services, whether they need tutoring, housing assistance or employment assistance.

“The biggest outcome is having students in the careers that they love,” Dubois-Carey says.

For those wondering whether UTI is right for them, Dubois-Carey encourages them to, “Look within themselves, at what they love and what they want to do. If what you're landing on matches what UTI can provide in terms of education and career, there should be no hesitation, because the options are limitless. Follow your dreams.”6

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