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About Sysco

Sysco has more than 70 regional locations throughout the United States that supply products to our customers in almost every major city and rural area in the country. Those locations house state-of-the-art commercial equipment to ensure freshness and quality of our products, industrial equipment to ensure safety and maintenance of our facilities, and fleet shops to ensure our delivery vehicles are maintained to the highest standards.

Team Operations at Sysco

Our teams manage the maintenance of more than 28 million square feet of space, the operation of more than 15,000 delivery vehicles, and the support of almost 22,000 pieces of materials-handling equipment.

Throughout our operations, we use industrial equipment and materials in our facilities that are supported by our Maintenance teams. These teams include Fleet Operations, which ensures our delivery vehicles are well maintained; Material Handling Equipment, which ensures that our forklifts and pallet jacks are in excellent working order; and Facilities, which ensures industrial refrigeration and building maintenance is supported.


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