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Ecology Transportation Services


About Ecology Transportation Services

Ecology Transportation Services began in 1966 when Ham Siroonian, Charles Pratty Sr. and Charles Siroonian had a business idea that led them to the city of Santa Fe Springs, California, where they created a “do-it-yourself” auto wrecking establishment with an emphasis on cleanliness and customer service.

Today, Ecology is the largest company operating throughout the western United States that provides trucking and transportation services for bulk waste, recyclables, heavy haul/oversize loads, and containers to and from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. We transport millions of pounds of metal and solid waste materials annually, utilizing our fleet of over 600 trucks, rail, and our vast network of yards and transfer stations throughout Southern California and Arizona.

Ecology is committed to safeguarding the environment. We maintain stringent controls in all aspects of our operations, using the strictest standards to protect our employees and our environment. Ecology is the leader in eco-friendly waste transportation throughout the western U.S. Our company’s team of experts has the experience, in-depth knowledge and expertise to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Opportunities at Ecology Transportation Services

Our modern fleet of trucks are mainly Peterbilt, one of the premier truck manufacturers in the U.S. You will have the opportunity to join a team of dedicated technical and mechanical professionals who all ensure that our fleet is operational, on the road, and supporting our drivers and customers. We operate about 600 trucks and almost 1,000 trailers out of several locations in Southern California and Arizona.

You’ll have the opportunity to join our Fleet & Maintenance team at either our Long Beach or Bloomington locations, where we are committed to providing you with the hands-on skills to further what you learned at UTI.5 You’ll work with world-class colleagues, receive competitive pay, strong career-growth opportunities, and be part of a company where safety is the No. 1 priority.

We are dedicated to helping make you successful, because that makes us successful. If you’re ready to shift to a forward gear in your career, then join the Ecology Fleet & Maintenance team.


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