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Cooperative Motor Works


About Cooperative Motor Works

Cooperative Motor Works in Orlando, Florida, is a vintage niche market for GMC Motorhomes. We have been in business since 1997 and are the largest shop in the country specializing in GMC Motorhomes.

The GMC Motorhomes we work on were designed and built by General Motors between 1973 and 1978. Only 12,921 motor homes were produced during this time, and approximately 8,000 are still titled and running. The first vehicle that came off the assembly line after the GMC Motorhome was the S-10 pickup.

Known as the “ ’55 T-Bird” of the industry, these GMC Motorhomes are approximately 45 years old with retro designs.

Services and Projects

Interior: We take on all aspects of interior work, including upholstery, electrical, plumbing, appliances and flooring.

Exterior: We work with aluminum and SMC plastic (sheet mold compound, or “Corvette plastic”). The GMC Motorhomes are 23 feet and 26 feet long, and require prep work for a beige/clear paint finish.

Mechanical: We service brakes, fuel systems with fuel injection, fuel delivery and suspension systems, newly designed radiators, serpentine belts, transmissions, and gear-ratio changes. In true vintage fashion, we balance all tires we use.

The Culture at Cooperative Motor Works

Working for Cooperative Motor Works in Orlando can give you the opportunity to be mentored in a unique trade by a staff with vast knowledge … expertise that you can’t find anywhere else! Learning this unique craft can help you gain a diversified skillset, which can increase your value as a technician in today’s industry.


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