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Industrial Maintenance Technician School

Train for a growing industry in less than a year64

Industrial Maintenance Technician Training Program Overview

Get trained in the growing, ever-dynamic field that is industrial maintenance in just 30-39 weeks with our Industrial Maintenance Technician program. We offer the program at two current locations with another coming soon pending regulatory approvals, so you can find a campus that’s nearest you. Plus, we team with housing services to assist when needed!

An industrial maintenance technician typically performs repairs and maintenance on various types of machines. On any given day, they may perform diagnostics, clean and lubricate machinery, or test damaged parts.

Our program is designed to build your knowledge from the ground up. Courses are designed to cover important basics to get you prepared for an entry-level role in the industry,1 with topics like energy industrial fundamentals, safety compliance, math, first aid, physics, fabrication and more.

Industrial Maintenance Technician Program Goals and Length

Students enrolled in the Industrial Maintenance Technician training program learn the fundamentals to get prepared to enter the industry. The length of time it takes to complete training in industrial maintenance varies depending on the school and campus you choose:

  • Our MIAT College of Technology campus in Canton, Michigan, offers training in 30 weeks.
  • Our MIAT campus in Houston, Texas, offers training in 39 weeks.
  • Our Universal Technical Institute campuses in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and Lisle, Illinois, will offer training in 30 weeks.

Completing a formal training program like ours can help prepare students for technician roles in less than a year. Students who complete the Industrial Maintenance Technician training program graduate with hands-on experience and a skill set applicable to different industries.

Industrial Maintenance Technician Program Locations

No matter which location you choose, you can experience hands-on labs, a curriculum built with industry experts, and supportive instructors.18

Campuses offering Industrial Maintenance Technician training:

Canton, MI | MIAT

Our Canton campus is driving distance from attractions like the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and the Detroit Zoo, making it an exciting place to train with no shortage of things to do.

Houston, TX | MIAT

Texas is a leading state in alternative energy, and Houston is a city filled with theater and arts, rodeos and sports to make it a great place to train.

COMING TO UTI: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

With downtown Los Angeles about 42 miles away, you can focus on school while in beautiful Rancho Cucamonga, then enjoy a bustling city filled with entertainment.


With Chicago only about 27 miles away, Lisle offers a great place to train and live!

Enrolling in the Program

Enrolling in our Industrial Maintenance Technician training program begins with three simple steps: Fill out an enrollment form, talk with an Admissions Representative and start classes!

Required documents include proof of education, which include:

  • A standards-based high school diploma
  • A state-issued GED certificate or state-authorized equivalent exam
  • Proof of successful completion of a degree program at the postsecondary level or evidence of having previously attended a Title IV-eligible program
  • Completion of an officially recognized home-schooling program

For more information on enrolling and admissions requirements, head here.


  • What skills do you need to be an IMT?

    Industrial maintenance technicians perform maintenance and repairs on machinery that powers many different industries, from gas and coal to nuclear and solar. Some skills that are good to have when training to become an industrial maintenance technician include strong attention to detail, great problem-solving abilities and always being up for a challenge. Training is usually required to get into this field, and attending an industrial maintenance technician training school like ours can help.1

  • What are the benefits of becoming an IMT?

    Becoming an industrial maintenance technician can be a fulfilling career for those who are analytical thinkers. It also offers hands-on work and the potential for a lot of variety day-to-day. And it’s an industry that’s in demand, with total industrial maintenance technician employment expected to exceed 447,000 by 2031.74

  • What types of jobs can an IMT work?

    One of the titles graduates of this program can obtain is industrial maintenance technician, but grads could also become boiler technicians and plant technicians — all of which can be gateways toward becoming a power plant operator.2 It’s important to make it clear to prospects that this program prepares graduates for entry-level roles, but as with any career there may be advancement opportunities that require additional skills and experience.

  • How do I prepare for this program?

    No prior knowledge is needed to enter our Industrial Maintenance Technician training program! We offer hands-on labs and a curriculum that helps build your knowledge from the ground up, so you can be prepared for an entry-level career after completing training.18

  • Do I need any other certifications or licenses to be an IMT?

    Certifications and licensing requirements vary by employer. Some type of training is typically required to get into this career in order to gain knowledge on topics like electrical theory, industrial heating and cooling, materials processing and steam and gas turbines. Our Industrial Maintenance Technician program is developed with industry leaders to mirror real-world experience and helps prepare students to test for certifications if they choose.


After just 30-39 weeks in our Industrial Maintenance Technician program, you could be prepared to pursue a career in the field. Come enjoy training that’s hands-on, developed with industry experts, and has experienced instructors ready to support you and provide insight. Apply today!