An educational institution is more than just buildings and classrooms. It’s the students and teachers who bring them to life. And a city is more than the sum of the people who work and live there. There needs to be something deeper that connects them with each other and the geography they occupy.

At the Universal Technical Institute Houston campus, this couldn’t be more true.1 Houston has its own distinct character, which can be seen in the culture and campus atmosphere at UTI Houston. For more than 38 years, this campus has empowered students, provided a space for instructors to share their passion and served the local community.

What Makes UTI Houston Special?

Houston might be the most populous city in Texas with 2.3 million residents, but it’s more than just the sprawl of homes and towering glass buildings that loom over the Texas plains. It’s the diverse community that gives people pride, and for many who relocate to attend school at the UTI Houston campus, they make it their new home after they graduate. Opportunities are abundant for those in the skilled trades.

“A lot of students who come here love Houston and want to stay,” says Jimmy Jenkins, Education Manager at the UTI Houston campus. “There are a lot of students who move here and network and get jobs. They feel a real connection to the city.”

With core programs in AutomotiveDieselCollision RepairWelding, Robotics & Automation, Wind Turbine, Industrial Maintenance, HVACR and Non-Destructive Testing, as well as manufacturer-specific training relationships with FordCummins46 and BMW, the UTI Houston campus provides the education, training and skills needed to help students succeed in their training.

However, UTI Houston is more than just a formal educational experience, and its reach goes beyond the expanse of the real estate that it occupies. The staff are active participants when it comes to helping enrich the lives of not only their students but the greater community as a whole.

Quick Facts About UTI Houston

  • The campus opened in 1983 and was already expanding in 1984.
  • UTI Houston was the second UTI campus ever opened.
  • In 1999, Houston became the first campus to house UTI’s Collision Repair & Refinish Technology program.

The Q Collegiate Power Challenge

Some schools simply focus on the coursework. While coursework is critical, UTI Houston cares about creating opportunities for students that they might not experience anywhere else.

The 2006 Q Collegiate Power Challenge is a great example. In this challenge, students and instructors worked together, modifying cars based on a strict budget and stringent guidelines. Multiple UTI campuses, including UTI Houston, were invited to participate in the competition for bragging rights to see which campus team would build the best car.

Through ingenuity, hard work and collaboration, UTI Houston won the overall competition, and they didn’t finish lower than second place in any of the subcategories. These accomplishments speak to the culture and values that define the campus atmosphere at UTI Houston.

UTI Houston Lends a Hand at the NHRA Spring Nationals

Volunteering at the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Spring Nationals gives students from UTI Houston the chance to get close to the action, as well as an opportunity to give back to the racing community.

UTI Houston has routinely brought a team of students to the event, where they are responsible for setting up the stages for the top qualifiers, taking them down, and then putting them back up for the final trophy ceremony.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but it gives students a behind-the-scenes look at the NHRA. They receive a full pass to the event, and it teaches the ethic of service and hard work.

"It's a lot of fun. I get students all access credentials so they can go anywhere and watch the races pretty much from the starting line,” Jenkins says. “We have a great partnership with the NHRA.”

From the Race Track to Art Cars

The Houston Art Car Parade is the first and largest art car parade in the country, drawing people from all over the United States and the world.

Spectators on the parade route will see everything from the Batmobile to a Volkswagen Beetle with another Volkswagen Beetle mounted upside down on top of it. Once, there was even a motorized port-a-potty.

“One of the most fun things about this event is the group of people who attend,” Jenkins says. “It’s a good time every time.”

Many of the cars in the parade were modified for creative expression over functionality and, on occasion, they break down in the middle of the festivities. A team of volunteers from UTI Houston drives golf carts along the parade route so they can help put the vehicles back in action. Whether they need a jump-start, run out of gas or break down, UTI’s amazing volunteers are there to help.

Community Involvement: It’s More Than Cars

Students and staff from UTI Houston volunteer in other ways as well.

Every year, the campus has a supply drive for a local high school in an economically challenged area, where they haul a 36-foot box trailer full of supplies for teachers and students. It’s a popular event around campus that gives people the opportunity to help those less fortunate.

Participating in events like these helps teach students that life is about more than a career — it’s also important to give back and serve your community.

Looking Ahead

Without community, it's easy for people to disappear into a culture of isolation. Connection is important, and more often than not, people like to feel that they are connected to something bigger than themselves.

UTI Houston actively looks for opportunities to serve both on and off campus. The students and staff have played a vital role in the Houston community, and they plan on doing so for years to come.


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