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Heath Barrington and Impact Wind help make an impact on the lives of MIAT students

"For anybody wanting to get into wind, go to a school, go to a technical college … get those basics."


Heath Barrington, a senior project manager at Impact Wind in Houston, Texas, has worked closely with the Wind Power Technician training program at MIAT College of Technology for the past several years.1 He’s hired technicians from MIAT1 and even worked with program instructors to create and adapt the curriculum to match industry standards as technology changes.

Impact Wind provides service and maintenance on wind turbines for original equipment manufacturers and wind farm owners as part of the renewable energy industry. For those who haven’t heard of the renewable energy industry, you aren’t alone. This field continues to see a growing demand for skilled technicians.63

Who would be a good fit for the wind industry? Someone with a curiosity to travel or a desire to dive into something new or a little unfamiliar!

“I loved traveling, I got to see all over the United States. I got to see the world,” Heath says. “If people are wanting to change careers and wanting to get out of the norm of going into an office and wanting to get out and see the world, the renewable wind industry is where to go if you’re wanting that adventure.”

When hiring for his team at Impact Wind, Heath looks for individuals who complete job duties with integrity and have an open mind when approaching any challenges that arise.

He explains, “Qualities we look for at Impact Wind are someone who is reliable, trustworthy and capable of doing the work. We like to build on kids from school and train them.”

This is just one of the reasons MIAT has developed relationships with employers like Impact Wind. Businesses need educated technicians, and MIAT can provide them!1

“Our experience with MIAT is great! We’ve had a really good success rate. I would say about 90% of our employees right now are MIAT graduates,” Heath says.

MIAT students get hands-on training in state-of-the-industry labs. In addition to keeping up with the latest technology in the trades, experienced instructors teach using a thorough curriculum to ensure students are prepared to pursue entry-level roles after graduation.

As an employer who has hired graduates from the Wind program at MIAT, Heath can attest to the level of education students complete. “MIAT sets these kids up with what they need to go into the field to really be successful in the field.”6

For parents who may be uncertain about their child’s interest in a newer industry, Heath encourages them to “take the journey with your kids and go through the process.”

As part of the Wind Power Technician training program at MIAT, students learn the most up-to-date safety procedures and regulations. Potential students and their families are invited to tour our campuses and speak with our instructors and staff. They may even get the chance to meet with some of our industry relationships, like Heath and his team!

“If a parent is hesitant, please come and visit MIAT. And I will always speak to the parents of the things they may be wary of,” Heath says.

Like safety procedures, new technology is being developed within the renewable energy and wind turbine industries. Heath states the importance of technicians staying up to date on technological advances, regardless of experience level.

“Every year, we are seeing new technology and platforms within the wind industry. So, I would say to new students and seasoned technicians, keep up with the growing demand and the technology.”

If you’re interested in taking on new adventures and excited by the possibilities of an in-demand career, the renewable energy and wind turbine industries could be a good fit for you.

We encourage you to check out our Wind Turbine Technician training program or reach out to chat with one of our Admissions Representatives for more information (Wind Turbine program coming to Universal Technical Institute).

Like Heath says, “It’s a fairly new industry, it’s a young industry. You can grow really well in your career if you just keep your ears open and soak it all in.”6

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