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Uni-Systems Inc.

About Uni-Systems Inc.

Uni-Systems Inc. is a franchisee of Midas Auto Service Experts, a full-service auto repair facility that maintains and restores vehicles of all makes and models.

With a history dating to 1974, Uni-Systems is a proud family-run business that owns and operates eight locations in the suburbs of Chicago.

We have a long-standing relationship with Universal Technical Institute as members of their Advisory Board, and we are always looking to employ full-time technicians, managers and part-time students.5

We understand the developmental process that UTI students and graduates experience when entering the automotive field and offer ongoing training that will help them grow throughout their careers.

Opportunities at Uni-Systems

With hundreds of virtual training courses and a yearly schedule of in-person training (pending availability), we take pride in helping employees entering the industry.

Those who come to work with us will have the benefit of showing up to clean, up-to-date facilities and an environment that will make you feel included as part of our family.

Let us help you grow professionally and financially at Uni-Systems!


Enrolled UTI students must apply to Employment Services by emailing