How UTI Serves Military Veteranss

Assistance for Veterans

Our Military Admissions Representatives are well-versed to help you navigate your VA benefits while in school.1 In fact, 95% of our remote representatives are U.S. veterans.

UTI offers a Salute to Service Scholarship, which grants military veterans a 10% tuition reduction.2

We also offer military-only campus orientations, which allow you and your Admissions Representative to focus on the topics most important to you.

Student Services

Once you've started classes, our support continues with:

  • Staff & instructor training on PTSD and civilian life readjustment
  • VA health/benefit fairs (Houston & Orlando)
  • Mobile vet centers (Orlando, Houston & Mooresville)
  • Veterans clubs & socials
  • Representation on UTI Student Councils
  • VA announcement boards on campus
  • VA student worker program
  • Connections with military-friendly local employers

UTI MIltary Graduates

Four out of 5 UTI graduates find employment in their field of study. In addition, access to our employer relationships continues long after you leave class through UTI's Alumni Association.

1VA benefits may not be available at all campus locations.

2The Avondale campus has a Yellow Ribbon Program that a Veteran student can choose to use rather than applying the Salute to Service Scholarship discount.

Military Vets Talk About UTI Being Military Friendly

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How VA Funding Works

You're Not Alone

We recognize navigating military benefits* can be overwhelming for a Veteran. That is why our Admissions Representatives receive additional training to help you address your unique situation and education goals.

As your first step in connecting with UTI, we recommend speaking with a Military Admissions Representative who will ask you questions like:

UTI Employer - Randy Yockey, Friendly Ford

Three things you’ll need to obtain full funding:

Once the two of you have discussed your background and goals, you’ll go over your program cost, Veteran options available to you, and your next steps in attaining your career training goals.

  • Certificate of Eligibility received after submitting 22-1990 or 22-1995 to VA using VONAPP (printout of completed VONAPP also must be submitted by students enrolled at California campuses)
  • DD214-Member 4; NGB22; or letter from a commanding officer that includes applicant’s name, birthdate, Social Security number (at least last 4 digits), and current or anticipated discharge status
  • Completion of Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Depending on the duration and dates of your service, you may qualify for a number or combination of education benefits, each with its own eligibility and disbursement guidelines.

Email or call your UTI Military Admissions Representative for more information.

Additional Resources:

*VA benefits may not be available at all campus locations.

Financial Aid* for Military

Take the Next Step

We recommend all students – including veterans – fill out a Financial Application for Free Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine what additional money for school may be available to them.

FAFSA – What You Need:

  • Your Social Security and driver’s license numbers
  • The tax records for you and your spouse (if relevant)
  • Documentation of your VA benefits and any workers’ compensation or child support received
  • Personal financial records, including recent bank statements and investment information

This is what needs to be listed as income on the FAFSA:

  • Your most recent pay (even if you are no longer active duty)
  • VA disability pay and non-educational VA benefits (as untaxed income)
  • Combat pay (if it was taxable and part of your adjusted gross income on your last tax form)

*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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U.S. Military Scholarships

Opportunities for UTI Veterans

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UTI’s Military Friendly School Designation

What Does that Mean to Me?

Our military veterans bring with them an invaluable set of soft skills in leadership and service.

UTI has the commitment, resources and partnerships to help you attain the hard skills — technical training on today's leading diagnostic tools and vehicles — you need to achieve a successful career in the transportation industry.

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Vets have campus support centers for their exclusive use.

What Makes a School Military Friendly?

Military Friendly Schools® are the top 20% of schools nationwide that deliver the best experience for military students.*

Some of the top signs of a Military Friendly School that UTI exhibits:

*Learn more about Military Friendly Schools.
**UTI cannot guarantee employment or salary.

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