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UTI delivers and maintains EPA Section 608 and 609 Refrigerant Certification tests for the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as a full range of entry level qualification instruments for transportation and fleet providers.

Section 608 Training & Testing: UTI provides Certification Training and EPA Approved 608 Certification Testing to small, medium and large organizations nationally. Our testing program is approved by EPA as meeting strict requirements and standards. (Attending the training program is not required in order to take the certification test.)

Effective November 14, 1994, (or May 15, 1995 for technicians who qualify under the "Grandfather" regulation signed October 28, 1994), technicians servicing refrigeration systems must be certified under an EPA approved testing program. The EPA defines a technician as: "Any person who performs maintenance, service, or repair that could reasonably be expected to release Class I (CFC) or Class II (HCFC) substanced into the atmosphere, including but not limited to installers, contractor employees, in-house service personnel, and in some cases, owners. Technician also means any person disposing of appliances except for small appliances." After November 14, 1994 (or May 15, 1995 for technicians who qualify under the "Grandfather" regulation signed October 28, 1994), the sale of refrigerant in any size container will be restricted to technicians certified under an EPA certification program.


Section 609 Training and Testing

Section 609 Training and Testing: Under the the EPA Section 609 of the Clean Air Act, effective November 15, 1992, the sale of refrigerants in motor vehicle air conditioners was restricted to 20 pound containers and became available only to trained certified technicians. Only certified technicians may purchase any size container of refrigerant. The laws on refrigerant handling are strictly enforced.

UTI has published the "Mobile Air Conditioning Certification Training Manual" for technicians who service mobile air conditioning systems and need to become certified under Section 609. The EPA Section 609 Certification tests are available in two formats: a self-study mail-in open book test and a proctored closed book test. The mail-in test can be obtained by calling Universal Technical Institute at 1-888-830-0132, or downloading the EPA609.pdf files here. The toll-free number can also be used to receive more information about dates and locations for the proctored version of the test. (You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader for your computer to view and print the downloadable version of the manual and test. This program is made available as a free download at Adobe's website.)

To get more information specifically about UTI's EPA Section 608 and 609 training and certification testing, you may send an e-mail to epatest@uticorp.com. Please title your e-mails "Section 608" or "Section 609."

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