Yamaha YamaPro Overview

MMI’s exclusive 12-week YamaPro® elective training is officially endorsed by Yamaha. The curriculum is developed by MMI with support and assistance from Yamaha, and Yamaha reviews the program’s instructors and facilities. Students learn to repair a variety of Yamaha vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs, watercraft, generators and snowmobiles.


YamaPro® students also have the opportunity to earn Yamaha Bronze level and YTA Silver-level Technician Certification — providing a distinct advantage for entry-level technicians beginning their careers.
MMI-Orlando Graduates Help Raise Level of Professionalism at Dealership - Greg Hale


What You'll Learn

  • YamaPro: Module 1
  • Familiarize yourself with Yamaha’s service management procedures, as well as advanced electrical shooting and electrical fuel injection (EFI) systems.

  • YamaPro: Module 2
  • Continue your exploration of all things Yamaha as you work on suspension systems; Yamaha and Star motorcycle periodic maintenance; camshaft inspection, timing and valve clearance; and, two-stroke engine suspension.

  • YamaPro: Module 3
  • Learn ATV and side-by-side Rhino service technology, along with snowmobile service technology.

  • YamaPro: Module 4
  • Finish off your elective training by working with personal watercraft service technology and generator service technology.



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Available At These Campuses


Phoenix, AZ (MMI)

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Orlando, FL (MMI)

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